1.14.13 "PowerClean/Run"

January 13, 2013

Paleo Team D$ and P$!!!

Can they win the Challenge?

Team Paleo WOD 1
“Power Clean/Run”

AMRAP 10mins
10 Power cleans
200m Run

Each athlete will have a judge. The judge will also determine if the athlete was “Dogging it”.

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  1. Caroline C. Reply

    Joined the 5:30am crew this morning cuz I have so much work today. Lively bunch! Thanks for letting me hop in!

    WOD: 4+4 at 75#

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Good Luck Everyone!!! 🙂

  3. Wade Reply

    4+3 (135) with a 200 row instead of a run. My legs burnt out pretty quickly but it’s something to improve upon in 4 weeks.

  4. Mark Reply

    5 +1 RX
    You’re always welcome with the 5:30am crazies…

  5. currin Reply

    5+5 Rx… A “lively bunch” is a nice way of putting it… Glad you stopped in…

  6. Ninja Reply

    5+3 (RX)

  7. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Team RAC

    Pete 4rds 190m Rx
    Brian 5rds 8Reps Rx
    Joe 5rds 10reps Rx
    Paul 5Rds +6reps (115)

    Ran out of GAS

  8. Sweat beast Reply

    2 rounds
    1000m run
    100 du

    6 Turkish get ups (53)
    Accumulate 30 sec l sit hold

    Then woded with the competitors

    5 rounds
    50 ft bear crawl
    10 dumbell hang cleans (45)
    50 ft bear crawl
    30 du

    calves are gased. Just desteoyed a nice steak asparagus and a sweet potato, gonna follow it with a nice evening jog. Might i mention it’s 72 this evening.

  9. Andrea :) Reply

    4+110 (75#)

    I was sprinting for my life to try to get the 5th round. I almost made it.

  10. Big joe Reply

    I am not sure how to write this up exactly 5 sets of power cleans at RX and 100 meters.

  11. Hercules Reply

    5 + 10. Rx. Good way to start the week.

  12. JC Reply

    6 rds Even!

  13. Cat Reply

    Team Cougar Cats kickin’ it! Paginator 5rds +2 (80#), Cat 5rds even (75#). Game on! Everyone gave it their all in the 6:30pm class – awesome job!

  14. Heather Reply

    5+2 #75… very happy with this one!

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