1.15.13 "Dead Head"

January 14, 2013

Joao is back!!!

Warm up
10 mins Exactly to hit a Heavy 1 rep Deadlift

Dead Head
5 Rounds
7 Deadlifts (275,195)
30 Air Squats
7 Handstand Push-ups

1) “Dead Head” with Elevated Handstand Push-ups. 1-45# plate each side.

Rest at least 12mins

2) AMRAP 8
8 Weighted Ring Dips
8 Toe 2 Bars
8 Weighted Pistols
All with weighted vest (20,10)

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  1. Hercules Reply

    Is there even gonna be enough time to do all of this?

  2. Sweat beast Reply

    You’ll find the time if you want to do it!

  3. Andrea :) Reply

    DL 195#

    Dead Head
    11:44 (135, 2 mats)

  4. Mantis Reply

    #275. First time 1rm’ing a deadlift so I’m not too disappointed.
    9:17rx. Missing my t-Rex.

    • Caroline C. Reply

      That is one seriously sick DL!

  5. Mark Reply

    DL 365#
    WOD 11:14 RX. Took me almost two mins to get my last hspu

    Is Jeff (TRex) still a member at CFB?

  6. CC Engine Reply

    Hey Rooster!!! Wod Up! Lol! 🙂 🙂

  7. Adam Reply

    Missing: 1 T-Rex. Last seen at CFB w/ Krispy Cream.

    Dead lift 1 RM: 335#

    WOD: 13:46 (275#, 2 ab mats HSPU). Will go to 1 ab mat next time.

    Legs are really feeling this one. Great 5:30 AM class.

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Brian 8:32 Rx
    Andy 9:57 Rx
    Joe 10:06 275 1 abmat
    Paul 12:45 3 @275 2 @ 225 1 abmat
    Tim 14:36 275 1 abmat

  9. Caroline C. Reply

    Dead Head: 14:20 with 145# and 2 ab mats.

    Suddenly HSPU suck less … ?

  10. Soniablade Reply

    Heavy DL 235#, not max but close.
    10:48 Rx

  11. Tank Reply

    8:45 @ 225lb deadlift.. Back to back Crossfit classes for me AND a post on website. Big week for Tank! 😉

  12. CC Engine Reply

    Yeah Tank!
    DL 1RM 145 (for today 🙂
    dEAD hEAD: 12:00 (135#, pink mat & 2 plates.)
    Great 630 P class!

  13. Joe Kelleher Reply

    Heavy D/L. 415# PR

    Dead Head 9:50 rx. Hspu all unbroken finally able to breath

  14. Page Lockhart Reply

    Very impressed w thest posts. Great energy and community
    Tonite even w 25 people in 5:30 class. PR’s and big improvements
    Lucky that wall is comin down.. But now I am just worried about
    One thing, have we list our TRex. !!

  15. Page Lockhart Reply

    Damn typos^lost.

  16. JC Reply

    So excited to see everyone posting again!
    Tank is back but Trex is lost in translation…

    Great WOD Tonight. That 5:30 class was insane. Page did such a great job getting everyone set up. Energy was one level above Insanity!!!

    WOD 6:47 rx-elevated HSPU

    Cashout fun
    8min AMRAP
    8 ring dips
    8 1arm KB snatch
    16 double Unders
    -all with 20#vest
    -no idea how many rounds
    -Just know I beat Craig by only 2 ring dips

  17. CC Engine Reply

    Love CFB (& CFD!!) One big happy family now!! Love the owners (Lol), the coaches, the members and their families! (Some really cute kids out there to become future CF members!) 🙂 🙂

  18. Kelly Reply

    Max deadlift 145#, first time I’ve ever lifted anything over 105#!
    12:00 for deadhead. At 95#. Still get my ass over my head. Will soon!

  19. CC Engine Reply

    Hey Joe McMuscle, if you haven’t already, you need to write that 415 on the wall! Great achievement! 🙂 🙂

  20. CC Engine Reply

    and Mantis too! 275, that’s fabulous!! (& seriously sick!!! Lol!) 🙂 🙂

  21. Amy Reply

    I can’t move!!!

  22. CC Engine Reply

    Give yourself a massage! Sorry Amy I couldn’t resist. Welcome back! So nice to see so many old friends back lately! Awesome! Fabulous! And there’s so many new people we need name tags! 😉

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