1.17.13 "Goat WOD"

January 16, 2013

Last Paleo Benchmark will be on Friday “Max Pull-ups”. If you have missed any of the WODs you have till the end of the weekend to make them up. You must coordinate with your partner to do the Filthy Fifty together.

We ARE going back to regionals this year!!! Who’s coming with us?!

Goat WOD

AMRAP 15 Mins
Use same Goat WOD and try to add weight or rounds!

Rest Day
Goat WOD
Long Interval Endurance WOD of the week.

Construction is underway at CFB on Saturday. We will be looking for carpentry or general handy man help and on Saturday. Sunday everyone can help with demolition. Please let us know if you will be able to help. Classes will be regular schedule. Thanks!

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  1. CC Engine Reply

    What’s your goat?! Well get on it!! 🙂

  2. Stacey Reply

    Did rx filthy fifty today (single, not team), didnt have time to finish though. was at a little of 22 mins with burpees and DU’s left. Much better than last time i did it!

  3. Caroline C. Reply

    Goat WOD:
    3 Sq Snatches
    3 Ring Dips
    10 DU

    December – 9+4 (35#, red band)
    1/8/13 – 8+1 (45#, red band)
    1/17/13 – 9+1 (45#, red band)

    Hell yes!!! And I didn’t have three days of CrossFit in a row before 1/8. Practice. It workz!

  4. CC Engine Reply

    CFB Warmup 1st.
    Goat – AMRAP 15: 5 PULL UPs (green), 8 HSPU’s (2 mats), 5 D.U.’s
    7 rounds even.
    Good 630 p class 🙂

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