1.18.13 "CFB Opens 1.13"

January 17, 2013

Game Day Friday

Thats a nice “1-arm Meat Hook”!!!

Paleo Benchmark 3
Max Pull-ups

CFB Opens Training 1.13
500m Row
70 Bar Facing Burpees
25 Squat Cleans (185,125)

We will each have a Judge!

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  1. CC Engine Reply

    Good luck with the max pull ups y’all!! Get it done!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Mark Reply

    Max pull ups 19 (Did 27 last time, feeling Filthy Fifty. Will use 27 as benchmark)

    Got to 5 cleans with 165 including a couple car crashes during the squat portion

  3. currin Reply

    Max Pullups… 31 reps – Just couldn’t get into a smooth rhythm today

    CFB Opens Training 1.13
    583 @165# – unbroken burpees but really happy with the form on the squat cleans.. I usually loose it when I go heavier..

    Huge class at 5:30.. the challenge is getting everyone out of bed!!!!!

  4. Andrea Reply

    Max Pullups – 5 I just couldn’t do it today.

    CFB Opens 1.13
    577 @ 85# I failed on the first one, but felt really good about my form on the rest of them.

    I really, really need some sleep. Getting up at 4:15 and going to bed after 10 is catching up to me. Hockey season needs to end SOON!!

  5. Adam Reply

    Max PU: 21

    WOD: 580 @ 165# I was glad to have gotten the 10th squat clean in…just at the buzzer.

    Killer class!!! great group!!!

  6. TRex Reply

    Max PU: 10
    WOD: @135# got to 10 Squats. Loved this workout! Great to see everyone this morning.

  7. Soniablade Reply

    Max Pull Ups 17… Not great but good for rehabbing my shoulder.
    Opens Training 586 Rx
    Felt out a good pace for the Burpees and fought for the squats one by one.
    Feels good to be back!!!

    • Adam Reply

      Welcome back, Sonia!

  8. Caroline C. Reply

    Max PU – 12, very happy with that!

    I also warmed up with DU and did 15 consecutive. A new record!

    WOD: 65# except I never got to that part ^_^ 569. I had a good burpee pace, but fer realz, I was so smoked after coming in every day!

  9. Wade Reply

    Nice work gladiators!!

  10. CC Engine Reply

    Great job Sonia! and everyone else too! 😉

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