1.2.13 Weightlifting Wednesday

January 01, 2013

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It’s Time to Start CrossFit!

1) 2 Split Jerks from the Ground
On the minute for 10 minutes
Use the same weight across
Heaviest Possible

2)Front Squat
3×3 across Heaviest possible
Pause 1sec in the absolute bottom of the squat
Rest :90sec exactly

2k Row
1 Mile Run

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  1. Adam Reply

    Split Jerks: 135#
    Front Squats: 195# for first 2 sets. 200# for last set.
    2K Row: 9:03

  2. Caroline C. Reply

    SJ: 65# – perhaps a bit too light.
    FS: 105# – most def not too light!

    1 mi run: 10ish minutes (probably faster, but I forgot to time myself) with 10# weight vest. Outside. In the cold. Getting run over by cars. Almost.

  3. Andrea :) Reply

    SJ 75, then 80
    FS 105

    I definitely could have gone a bit heavier

    2k row 8:42

    • Andrea :) Reply

      8:52, not 8:42

  4. JesC Reply

    SJ 105#
    FS 135#
    @CFD 🙂

    • CC Engine Reply

      Fabulous baby!!

  5. Sweat Beast Reply


    Probably should of gone heavier on the front squat.

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