1.25.13 "Open WOD 11.2"

January 25, 2013

Game Day Friday!

Don’t be sad Heatha, we can WOD again tomorrow!!!

CrossFit Open WOD 11.2

AMRAP 15 Mins
9 Deadlift (155/100)
12 Hand Release Pushup
15 Box Jump (24″/20″)

Judges Must be Extra Strict Today on the HR Push-ups the thighs can NOT touch the ground.

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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    I really liked this one.

    7+6 Rx

    I’m still really slow at push-ups. They are getting better though.

  2. Ninja Reply

    HRP’s got to me today!! eeh sucked!

  3. Heather Reply

    Hahaha! That pic was after Victoria!!!

  4. Adam Reply

    5 + 22 RX HR pushups were definitely the hardest part of this WOD.

    Great job, Currin and Andrea. You guys crushed it!

  5. CC Engine Reply

    Looks like great WOD! Need a tissue Heather? Lol! 😉

  6. currin Reply

    Open WOD 11.2

    8rds + 2 reps Rx…..

    Good one to come back to…..

  7. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Tim 7+7
    Pete 9+18
    Andy 6+26
    Paul 7
    Joe 7+11
    Bob 5
    Dan 6

  8. Caroline C. Reply

    Great one! 5+9 Rx

  9. Heather Reply

    7+16 had to represent since my pic was up haha!

  10. Heather Reply


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