1.27.14 "Satan's Whiskers"

January 26, 2014



15 Minutes Pullups Practice
Try Butterflys
or perfect the Kip

“Satan’s Whiskers” 
3 Rounds
10 Chest 2 Bar pullups
10 Front Squats (165,115)
10 Burpees


3 rounds not for time
5 Box Jumps (38,30) no rebounding – reset each time
10yrd HS Walk
15 Wall Squats

5 Rounds
3 High Bar BOX Squats at parallel @ 80%
Immediately into
2 Rope Climbs AFAHP (that means fast)
Rest 2 minutes

“Satan’s Whiskers” 
3 Rounds
10 Chest 2 Bar pullups
10 Front Squats (165,115)
10 Burpees


(Sat or Sun)
Row 500m @ 75% effort (about:20sec slower pace)
rest 3Minutes
Row 500 @ 85% effort (about :10sec slower pace)
rest 5Minutes
Row 500m @ 100% For Time!!!


We want you!!! All athletes interested in joining the OPEN’s can sign up now. Once you register then you must choose an affiliate and then choose a TEAM. If you Train for the CFB Competition team then you will pick CrossFit Bridgewater as your affiliate and TEAM. Here is the Link: games.crossfit.com

Monday January 27th
Yoga with Kathleen @ CFD

We are officially launching our Yoga program at CFD. This class will meet regularly at 7:30pm every Monday Night. The class is included in your unlimited membership. If you do not have an unlimited membership then UPGRADE today or the cost will be $5-10/class. Upgrading will only cost $20/month and you will also be allowed up to 3 more days of CrossFit per week. It’s a no brainer! Dont worry CFB we are working on our Yoga program and should have some start dates soon.



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  1. CC Engine Reply

    7:40 (70# pr in a wod for me) Unb! (cldnt cln or sqt cln 75! Gotta practice that! )
    (1 red & 1 gray)

    • CC Engine Reply

      1 RM 105 in Dec. (Thought I did 115 last year but I can’t find it in my book)

  2. Big Sexy Reply

    Warm up – done
    Strength – 275# Box Squats/Rope Climbs
    Satan’s Whiskers – 5:07 Rx

  3. Josh.O Reply

    Warm up done
    pretty sure i walked more than 10 yds but all my handstand walks were unbroken
    Strength- 215# box squats (70%) and rope climbs

    Satan’s Whiskers- 4:57RX

  4. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team arc
    135lb font squats
    Andy 7:03
    Joe 7:12
    Brian 7:23
    Tim 6:35 regular pull-ups

  5. Almen Reply

    Satan’s Whiskers – 9:29Rx
    Second Round the Slowest

  6. Don E Reply

    6:17 (135)

  7. neon joe Reply

    Warm up done subbed handstand holds 30sec for walks. Box squats 230# with rope climbs then Satan’s whiskers 6:07 rx

  8. scott henriques Reply

    am- box squats 5×3 done at 70% 165/rope climbs (2)
    (read the strength wrong)
    pm-warm up-done
    satans whiskers- 7:28 125#’s
    endurance- no rowing, jogged 1 mile at 75% 7:05

    strength is my weakness and will chip away at it one day at a time.

  9. Fallynne Shannon Reply

    #65, white band

  10. Jeff Reply

    “Satan’s Whiskers”
    8:15 Rx

    3×5 Box Jumps @ 38″

    5×3 Box squats #215
    5×2 Rope climbs

    Yoga with Kathleen

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