1.28.13 "Hurt Locker"

January 27, 2013

Two Weeks of the Paleo challenge down and two to go. This is the time to stay focused and determined. Ramp up your workouts and lock down you Paleo points. If you are having trouble with anything Please email any of the coaches. Lets get those points on the score boards.

Have you seen your partner lately? You are accountable for each other. Now let’s get together and GET FIT!!!

Congrats to all the Competitors this weekend!!!
We took 3rd place on the podium but more importantly we were very proud of all our athletes that pored their hearts out. It was a long and grueling day. About 8 WODs in one day. Damn, I can’t walk down the stairs now but I loved every minute of it!!!

Hurt Locker
5 Rounds
50 Double Unders
20 KB Swings
250m Row
Rest EXACTLY 2 Mins Between Rounds

Score is final time

Big Dawgs (70,53)
Pack (53,35)
Pups (45,25)

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  1. Jamie Reply

    Congratulations!!!! Great job!

  2. Deedee Reply

    Good job!!!

  3. currin Reply

    23:50 with 50 DU the first round and 30 after that.. also, 53# KBS

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Congrats to all “seasoned” and “newbies” – woot woot – of CFB & CFD who competed this w/e in NH & NB! Fabulous! 🙂 🙂 With Coaches: Jason Caldas, Sonia Cormier, Justin Coelho & Jessica Caldas…

  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Excellent WOD w JC this am to get the Mon
    Party going. D.U.s fun , heavy KB work
    For Nator.. Rowing gotta dig deep and Ro
    Your boat!!
    24:12 for Nator (44#) best to write your
    Times down ea rnd so u rest 2 min.
    Otherwise u space out. Go for unbroken
    if u can. Paleo has me all pumped Up!!!

  6. JohnF Reply

    Nice work this weekend Jason and Sonia, and congratulation to everyone who competed.

  7. Tank Reply

    Congrats JC & Blade!

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Pete 22:04 70lb Rx
    Tim 32:54 70 lb Rx
    Brian 30:30 70 lb Rx
    Joe 26:00 55 lb Rx
    Andy 28:10 70 lb 3x singles
    Paul 25:48 70 lb 3x singles
    Boob 25:38 60 lb 3x singles

  9. Corrin Reply

    23:48 53# RX
    Can’t feel my legggss,back,arms!

  10. Andrea :) Reply

    Hurt Locker 26:30 (44#)

    All unbroken du’s except the last round, the rope hit the cage. Grrr!

  11. Hercules Reply

    21: 38 I think. Good ass kicker

  12. Elaine Reply

    hahahahaaaaa Herc…I forget my time too….20:ish Did C2B instead of KB Swings.

    Warmed up with 150 air squats 2000k row 150 airsquats.

    Let’s get into it everyone….Online sections coming up fast!!!

    If you suck at something….practice it now! Don’t wait until the workout comes up!

  13. Caroline C. Reply

    Arrrgh, I got lightheaded and had to stop. I finished 2+31 Rx and had to sit down. It took me a good 40 minutes to recover – my heart was racing. I haven’t had issues with this before. I ate really well today and I’m well hydrated and pretty well rested.

    Anyone have any thoughts/advice? Is this something that happens sometimes when adjusting to Paleo?

  14. Cat Reply

    Loved Hurt Locker with the 6:30pm crew and Coach Craig tonight!
    4:07, 10:34, 18:01, 25:09, 32:21. Goal: Stringing DUs together because they are a time sucker and that pisses me off. 🙂 Graduated to a 44#KB so I’m a happy girl tonight.

    Everyone needs to go and see a competition soon. It is the most inspiring thing you can do. If you aren’t already addicted to Crossfit, you will be by the time you leave a comp. Our teams were amazing to see. I’m in awe of all of them and feel so fortunate to be coached by and workout side by side the best.

  15. JC Reply

    Hey Caroline. I would say its just a random day. You have been feeling great and seems like you are eating enough fuel. Only questions would be when and what you had to eat before the WOD. It could have been to close or to far away.

    Hurt Locker-Recovery WOD
    16:05 (4 rounds, 25 reps UB w 53# KB)
    Did this in Dartmouth with no 70#KB available. Maybe I did that on purpose but you ll never know. Legs feel better after the WOD.

    • Caroline C. Reply

      Thanks! I’ll chalk it up to randomness.


  16. big joe Reply

    25:52 70lb kettlebell 30 DU attempts per coach craigs recommendation. Swings felt strong tonight.

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