1.30.14 "Wally World"

January 29, 2014
These two brothers are Paleo Veterans. Look at the Results!!!

These two brothers are Paleo Veterans. Look at the Results!!!


Muscle Up Practice
progressions and transitions

“Wally World”
4 Rounds for Time
300m Row
30 Wallballs
6 Muscle Ups

Scaled Substitute for Muscle Ups
L1 – 12 Hip to Rings or 12 Jumping Muscle Ups
L2 – 12 Strict Pullups – no Kip – use less bands and work hard


3 Rounds not for Time
10 Lateral Bounds – over bands or rope – set height higher each round
10 Ring Rows
5 Sotts Press – 2 second hold at extension

“Wally World”
4 Rounds for Time
300m Row
30 Wallballs
10/7 Muscle Ups

C. Today’s CORE


3 Rounds
Max UB Toe 2 Bars
Max Ring L-Sits
Rest as needed between sets

(Thur , Fri or Sat)
Row 3 x 1000m
rest 3 Minutes


We want you!!! All athletes interested in joining the OPEN’s can sign up now. Once you register then you must choose an affiliate and then choose a TEAM. If you Train for the CFB Competition team then you will pick CrossFit Bridgewater as your affiliate and TEAM. Here is the Link: games.crossfit.com

Saturday February 1st
Dodeball Fundraiser for the American Lung Association
@ CrossFit Dartmouth
Starts at 12pm
Teams of 6
$10 per person
at least one female per team
ages 13+
All proceeds will benefit the American Lung Association through the City Cats Climb

Thursday February 6th
Yoga with Kathleen @ CFB
This Yoga Class will be at 5:30pm
It will be a trial class and this time may stay or change in the future. During this Yoga class there is NO OPEN GYM. Please be respectful to the class when leaving and arriving that day.

The class is included in your unlimited membership. If you do not have an unlimited membership then UPGRADE today or the cost will be $7/class. Upgrading will only cost $25/month and you will also be allowed up to 3 more days of CrossFit per week. It’s a no brainer!



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  1. Adam Reply

    Vacation WOD: (3 rounds)
    200M downhill run
    200M uphill run
    20 pushups
    20 jump squats
    20 v ups
    20 burpees
    20 chair dips

    28:46 – The people enjoying their breakfast on the porch next door looked at Lauren and I as if we had 3 heads. If we had 3 heads, we would have had more sense than to do this WOD!!! Breakfast and beach will be a nice way to cap this off.

  2. neon joe Reply

    This was the most muscle ups I’ve done in a workout but I finished 26:40 super psyched.

  3. Don E Reply

    21:09 (Pull-ups)
    20% of the wallballs were suspect but I’m working on them.

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