1.7.13 "The Cleaner"

January 06, 2013

Two Games Athletes on The CrossFit Bridgewater and Dartmouth Coaching Staff! Who’s going to be the Next Games Athlete???

The Cleaner
5 Rounds
5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
5 Jerks
10 Ring Dips
Rest Exactly :90sec Between Rounds

Competitors (165,115)
RX (135,95)
Novice (95,65)

Competitors Extra
15 Mins To Establish
1 Rep Power Clean n Split Jerk

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  1. Wade Reply

    This was a good one! I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning so I scaled it down but a little too much. I ended up putting more weight on the bar after round 2. Still feeling the pain from Saturday’s workout!!

    24:07 (#95 for 2 rounds, #115 for 3 rounds with red band on the rd’s)

  2. Stacey Reply

    Tough one!! 22:30, 95#, red band for dips.

  3. Caroline C. Reply


    WOD: 19:57, 65# and red band

  4. Andrea :) Reply

    21:10 (75#, grey band)

  5. Heather Reply

    17:31 #65 red band.. def could’ve went heavier for the cleans and jerks but wanted to make sure I had the right “mechanics” for the front squats… but I did well.. only put the bar down once in the last round.. heavier next time for sure : ) but I loved this one

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