1.9.13 "Weightlifting Wednesday"

January 08, 2013

The World CrossFit Games!!!
Carson, Ca

Book your calendars now. July 12th 2013! We are all going on a road trip to Cali!!! It’s an amazing Event and we hope to get all our athletes back there again this year!!! They would live if you could all go to cheer them on!!!

Weightlifting Wednesday
1) Box Squat 7×2 Up to Max
Click Here for Video Demo
In the video the lifters legs are crazy wide. We will keep our feet closer to our normal squat but slightly wider. We will set the box to exactly parrallel.

2a) Strict Press
7×2 working up to max
NO Rest
2b) Banded Deadlifts
7×2 @ 65% 1RM + band
Move the weight with speed
Click here for Video Demo
:60sec Rest

2a and 2b will be performed as supersets with no rest between a and b. Then :60rest after superset is completed.

3) 10 Burpees ON the minute for 10 minutes
Record fastest and slowest round. Try not to deviate by more than 2 secs.

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  1. Adam Reply

    Box Squat: 305#
    Push press: 105#
    Dead lift: 185#
    Burpees: 24/27

  2. joe Reply

    Box squat 295
    Push Press 135
    Dead lift 185
    I hate Burpees. I know Burpees hate me too. 37 and I don’t know minute plus. I was spent.

  3. Ryan Blake Reply

    Did this at the UF gym after ball today

    7×2 Box squat
    135, 185, 225, 255, 275, 285, 295

    Strict press
    95, 115, 135, 145, 155, 165 (pr), 170×1 (pr)

    Deadlift just worked up to a heavy double

    100 burpees
    6 something

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