10.10.11 "Paleo Benchmark WOD"

October 09, 2011

Make sure to get all your measurements done and put your name up on the board

Check this simple Paleo in a nutshell Video

“Paleo Benchmark WOD”…..1
Power Clean (1/2 Bodyweight)

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  1. Kristen Reply

    Burpees after a gluttonous weekend should be awesome, just sayin’!

  2. Page Lockhart Reply

    New strategy…keep pace w Currin!!
    Right on Currin.. You and me neck and neck
    6:16 (60#)
    see you in 6 weeks …it’s on !!

    • currin Reply

      Great work today… hopefully we can both improve over the next 6 weeks..

  3. currin Reply

    Pumped for the Paleo challenge.. 6:15 (85) –

    First MU today!!!

  4. A.Del Reply

    8:35 (70) I hope my score improves.

    Congratulations on the mu, Currin!!!!

    Habits are hard to break. I almost just grabbed a cookie. Yikes! I don’t think you realize just how ingrained the bad habits are until you try to stop.

  5. JBoom Reply

    10:47 (70#) this time better improve! Paleo challenge woooot wooot here we go!

  6. Cuch Reply

    I’m excited to see how much I change/improve with this!!
    6:53 (#65) nice job 10am class!!!

  7. Craig Reply

    5:30 (80) gonna do it again judged next off day so there are no questions on my time

  8. Bravo Reply

    7:47 110#
    Long weekend and last weekend before paleo challenge did not help me out.
    Was gased after 2 rounds.

    Can’t wait to kill the paleo challenge.

  9. Kristen Reply

    7:34 (100#) old habits are going to dye hard through this challenge! Lol!

  10. Kristen Reply

    Die, too. Good night!

  11. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Did The “2×4” as a Warmup:

    Then did this one in 6:24 (85lbs)

    Might have been able to pick it up a bit through 8-7-6, but i was spent.

    Good Times… Good Times…

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