10.12.11 Paleo Benchmarks

October 11, 2011


Paleo Benchmarks

1.Max Pullups

Rest 10mins

2.Max 1-mile Run

If you can not make it today you have until Saturday to make up any benchmarks for the Paleo challenge.

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  1. A.Del Reply

    PU 7 NO band, woot woot!!

    Run 7:39

  2. Currin Reply

    Great job on the pull-ups andrea!

    Max Pull ups: 37 (PR)

    1 Mile Run: 7:51 – should have done a warm up jog and stretched more… felt really tight.. I was a real “tight ass” today.. haha

  3. Page Lockhart Reply

    Great work morning class!!
    Some good PR’s.
    Max pullups 19 PR
    1 mile run. 7:42

    Can’t wait to see if I do better 6 weeks!!

  4. Bravo Reply

    Max Pullups 29 PR
    1 mile run 6:52

    6 week goals
    40 pullups and 6 min mile
    Who ha

    • John Lazaro Reply

      Max PU 27 PR from 17

      1 mile run 6:34

      That a Boy Bravo!

      I took it easy on the PUs. Didn’t want to hurt my girlyyyy hands.

  5. JohnF Reply

    Nice work Andrea, you gotta believe!

    Run: 8:06
    Max pullups: 24 (PR)

    Hit my chin on the bar on #24. Chipped a tooth, but could have done a few more so should have stayed on the bar.

    My dentist will be calling Jason in the morning, he’s not happy…

  6. Kristen Reply

    Max pull ups: 13! PR!

    1 mile run: 7:26! PR, though I wanted sub 7. Was too excited and went out too fast!

    6 week goals: 25 pull ups (oh my, getting greedy!) And 6-6:30 mile…

  7. willhuntforfood Reply

    No pull ups

    1 mile = 6:05, had a faster time in me, PR by 10 seconds

  8. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    39 Pullups and Pissed about it… Stopped at 42 a few weeks ago, but fell off the bar today at ~38. Frustrating!

    6:42 mile 1.0 Incline on treadmill.
    I suck at running… Thank Goodness I killed it yesterday.

  9. Kristen Reply

    Yeah Pete, except treadmill running is cheating…just sayin’…lol!

  10. Craig Reply

    38 pull ups PR

    6:22 mile never recorded it before so a PR here too

    Nice work everybody so many PR’s today CFB is the real deal cant wait to see how everybody does in 6 weeks

    Goals mile in the 5’s and ill be greedy on the pu’s and go for 50

  11. Cuch Reply

    21 max pull ups PR- have never done those!
    7:38 mile PR haven’t recorded that either!!

    That was hard I would like to improve some though!

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