10.14.11 "Ford Tough"

October 13, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday John. I call you Johnny RX but the rest of the box has voted and Ford Tough is your new name. Keep up the Hard Work its paying off!!!


“Ford Tough”
55 Pullups
55 Plate Walking Lunges (25,15)
55 ABmat Situps
55 Double Unders



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  1. Nuggets Reply

    He didn’t tell us about his birthday to avoid the dreaded “Birthday Burpees”

    Happy belated Ford Tough!! Let’s get after it!!

  2. currin Reply

    I think it should be 55 of each… 1 rep per year!

  3. Kass Reply

    Happy Birthdayy Ford Tough!!!

  4. Ronald Nery Reply

    Ford F-55. Making me embarrassed to ONLY be 44. You da man, John!

  5. JohnF Reply

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    Jason, I agree with James, let’s do 55!

  6. Currin Reply

    man that was “tough”… 25:04 with 165 singles

  7. A.Del Reply

    OMG! John, please do not get any older. This gal can’t handle all those f’ing pull ups!!!

    Ford Tough – 40:16 (red band)

  8. Bravo Reply

    “Ford Tough” 19:20 Rx … which was 55 reps not 44
    Good workout …. except for hands that now kill

    Happy be-lated Birthday John! Keep crushing WOD’s and we’ll see competing in the masters soon!!

    Hopefully Regis Philbin doesn’t join CFB … that would suck

  9. willhuntforfood Reply

    Ford Tough

    23:11- used band on pull ups, DU’s SU*KED

    Captain Modified

  10. JohnF Reply

    Good workout today, that was tough.

    24:42 RX

    Sorry about the number of reps, hopefully the next one of us who has a birthday is a teenager or an infant.

  11. Nuggets Reply

    Alright Ford Tough, this one’s for you…

    16:57 RX

    Got 44 pull ups unbroken then my hand wraps came undone! I def had all 55 in the tank. The hand wraps cost me my 2nd round. I’ll do this one better for ya soon enough!!

  12. John Lazaro Reply

    Happy B-Day Fordy!

    “Ford Tough”
    JOAO Weak
    20.10 Rx

    I was happy when it said 44. I taught you were 44 years old.
    Thanks for the extra 11.
    Next time. LIE!

  13. Kass Reply

    20:50 rx… not the same doing it at providence. Wish i couldve WODed with you Ford!

  14. Jason Caldas Reply

    Ford tough 13:45 rx
    —50 pullups straight PR

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