10.19.11 "300"

October 18, 2011

Warrior Wednesday

25 pull-ups,
50 dead-lifts (135,95)
50 push-ups,
50 box-jumps (24,20)
50 “floor wipers” (135,95)
50 KB clean & jerk (35,25)
25 pull-ups

***floor wipers= lie on the ground and press the barbell to full arm extension. While holding the bar raise your legs to touch the bar outside your right arm then lower your legs to starting position and repeat to the left side that’s one repetition. You must complete 50 to each side.
***KB clean and jerk is 50 total not each side. Pull the KB from ground to shoulder and then press it overhead.

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  1. Currin Reply

    “300” 19:40 Rx – floor wipers were killer!

  2. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    This looks like a BEAST

  3. Brittany Reply

    30:32 (Green band(struggled hard) 65 lb DL, 45 lb FW, knee push ups, 20KBs) Main Goal to learn how to do a pullup

  4. Ronald Nery Reply

    Felt like workout took 300 hours to finish. Tall guys, put 2 plates under bar for those floor wipes. It helped a lot.
    This is SPARTA!

  5. A.Del Reply

    35:09 (red band (got through 10 w/o but really struggled), 75# FW (just couldn’t push the 95 up off the floor) Pull ups are definately still one of my goats!!

  6. Kathy Reply

    All I’m gonna say is 300 is a very LARGE number……..and I’m glad it’s over

  7. Tom Reply

    28:49, bands/105lb and 25lb KB’s.

    I think I found a favorite workout, now I just need to do it A LOT better! Floor wipers are a killer but a fun change.

  8. JohnF Reply

    300 Workout

    25:50 RX

    Floor wipers – wow, much harder than they looked.

  9. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    “300” 19:40

    Floor wipers were fun!
    Stupid Pushups owned me again… Caused me to play catchup on the box jumps, which means GAS OUT USA.

  10. willhuntforfood Reply

    23:10 RX

    Good stuff, 2nd RX’d WOD in a row!

    Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!

  11. Ronald Nery Reply

    Wait, you can’t “eat hearty”, since you’re doing the Paleo Challenge. LOL
    Btw, if you are doing it, you’re better than me. Maybe next time…..

  12. Jrisk Reply

    26:21 RX

    Def one of my fav workouts thus far here!!! I personally think I beasted it!!

  13. Tank Reply

    17:58 – used 20″ box, 24″ were all being used. Great workout and movie

  14. Page Lockhart Reply

    25:02RX-fan of longer WODs w abs
    Def alot of Work to hold up that 95#
    more bruises from the KB C&j’s..lol..

  15. JC Reply

    Great job everyone! Awesome WOD to coach. The gym was packed full of energy.

    300: 13:45rx

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