10.20.15 “CEMENT MIXER #2”

October 19, 2015


Pull-up Practice
Kipping-Butterfly-Chest to bar
Low reps and just work on technique.
1-3 reps

Workout of the Day

“Cement Mixer #2″

7 Rounds for Time on the 3 Minutes:
400 Meter Run
12 Pullups

Scaled 6-9 Pullups your choice

Each Round Starts on the 3 minute Mark. You will perform the 400m run and 12 pullups and then you rest the remainder of the 3 minutes. Your score is each round separately. Record all rounds on the board. If you do not finish all pullups then your score is how many u completed within the 3 minutes and you must start the next run. Once you can not complete ANY pullups within the 3 minutes you may switch to 200m Runs.

Post your results to the Whiteboard.



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