10.21.11 "Elizabeth"

October 20, 2011



Warm up: 3×10 Turkish Getups(TGU) each side

Squat Cleans (135,95)
Ring Dips

Josh Everett 4:21, Kristan Clever 5:30 (95lbs), JC 5:48 Brandon Pastorek 6:21, Travis Holley 6:30

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  1. Nuggets Reply

    I notice how JC found his way into that list…..

  2. Currin Reply

    Not much gas in the tank for this one….

    “Elizabeth” 12:12 Rx

    Turkish getups.. 2 x 10 (not for time)

  3. A.Del Reply

    15:56 (85#, thin band for ring dips)

    Turkish getups 1 x 10 (20lb) needed to get home for the kiddies.

  4. willhuntforfood Reply

    10:15 RX

    Road race tomorrow not in the mood for squat cleans!

    • Currin Reply

      I’m never in the mood for squat clean!

  5. Jrisk Reply

    12:42 Rx!! Endurance is kicking in!!

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