10.22.13 "Grand Slam"

October 23, 2013

Let’s represent the Red Sox Today! Wear any Red Sox apparel you have or any Red Shirts to today WOD and take a group photo after each class.

Hal”Hercules” will be competing this Saturday at CrossFit New England’s Masters Competition from 9-5. Let’s go support Him!

Grand Slam Threshold
5 Rounds
12 KB Swings (70,53)
200m Sprint
12 Pullups
Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds

Scaled: 4 rounds

Competition Team
1. Skill Work
1-5 Bar Muscle Ups
Or substitute another skill to work on.
2. Grand Slam Threshold
3. Recovery
(A) KB Tricep Extensions (70,53)
3×15 reps
(B) 1-Leg Calf Raises-use KB’s for weight.
3×20 each side
Rest about :60 secs between Supersets (a) and (b)

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge is ON!!!
* October 27th Dr. Rockett Injury Prevention Seminar
* Halloween Party October 25th @10pm at Inner Bay in New Bedford
* Thanksgiving Day “Murph”



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  1. JoshuaJordan Reply

    19:30 RX

  2. AdamH Reply

    Go get ’em, Hal!
    WOD: 18:51 RX

  3. Haskellmd Reply

    18:39 RX

  4. JustinCoelho Reply

    1.  3 bar MU EMOTM 8
    2.  Grand Slam – 16:57 Rx

  5. Josh.O Reply

    1. 4 UB bar MU EMOTM 8 — 2 no reps 
    2. Grand slam – 18:09 RX 
    My hands are brutalized

  6. Mr. Rx Reply

    Bar MU 5 OTM for 6.
    Grand slam 15:54

  7. Don E Reply

    Grand slam – 16:55 Rx

  8. AShepard Reply

    21:50    #45  2 white bands

  9. Paginator Reply

    Grand Slam19:24RXUnbroken PU’s for first 3 rnds and Kyle chasing meOn the run..! Watch out the next time we do Helen!!~Nator gettin the lead out!!

  10. jenny j Reply

    WOD 17:26 RX
    BMU after, could only get 4 in 5 min..its all I had lol 
    Practiced dips w. no bands- 8 sets of 5

  11. RealeDeal Reply

    23:33 Back was still bothering me from the night before so stuck with light weight on KB’s but pull-ups felt good

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