10.24.11 "Super Trooper"

October 23, 2011

Sarah getting after it at Garage Games!!!

Congrats to Team CFB for competing in their first Team Event

Push Press 3x5sets

“Super Trooper”
Wallballs (20,14)
Box Jumps (24,20)

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  1. Page Lockhart Reply

    Push presses left me out of gas today for
    The WOD. 5:30am’ers helped me thru it!!
    Ford tough is right! The shortest WODs
    Are the hardest sometimes..!
    Go get em everyone.

  2. Currin Reply

    Push Press … 175#

    “Super Trooper” 5:24 RX

    Great work everyone who competed this weekend…

  3. A.Del Reply

    Push Press 90# attempted 95 but could only do 2.

    “Super Trooper” 13:57 (red band) (7,7,9 without band, but I still don’t have a full WOD of pull ups in me)

    Great job CFB in the team competition this weekend!!!!

  4. Jason Caldas Reply

    Great job so far morning classes! Nice work out with Joao @ 730
    Super trooper: 3:42rx

  5. John Lazaro Reply

    Super Trooper 4:42rx

    Push press 175#

    Great workout with JC

    Made me push a little more but he still crushed it.

    JC the “ANiMaL”!

  6. willhuntforfood Reply

    Push Press- worked up to 185, still in recovery mode, had more in me

    Super Trooper 5:40 RX

  7. Jrisk Reply

    Push press= 245# x 3

    “super trooper”…. 8:18 Rx

  8. Kass Reply

    5:38rx with game style box jumps

    good job CFB team this weekend!!

  9. Tank Reply

    6:00 Rx – 155 lb

  10. Bravo Reply

    “Super Trooper” 4:24 Rx
    Push Press 205#

    3 weeks last Garage Games individual event at Southie … I’m all signed up and ready to go nuts there … Who’s gonna join the festivities?? Do it!

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