10.25.11 "NOTLD"

October 24, 2011

Just hanging out!!!

Skills: kipping ring dips

“Night of the Living Deads”
4 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (315, 225)
10 Ring dips
30 Double unders

Cashout: 3×15 terminators

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  1. Bravo Reply

    “Night of the Living Deads” 8:21 Rx

    June 19th – 12:58 with practice ring dips and 275# deadlift
    Aug 16th – 8:15 rx but deadlift was 275#

    Time was pretty much even with a month and a half ago .. but deadlift was 40#s heavier this time.

    Deadlifts got heavy fast but all unbroken. Need more work with ring dips.

    Good crew in the AM …. Blevis joined us for a WOD, if there was only a karaoke machine there!

  2. Blevis Reply

    Blevis in da house!!!!!! Who Ha!!!!!

    NOTLD- 8:09 (135DL, 90 singles, red band for ring dips)Need to work on dips and damn DUs!!!!!!GOATS

  3. John Lazaro Reply

    NOTL Joao 12:12 205#

    DUs killed me. 2 or more mins on each set.

    Cashed out with AM group. 3×15 terminators 1×10 term. 45# bar
    10 ghds.

  4. Jrisk Reply

    10:43 (90 single unders)

  5. Jrisk Reply

    + 4×10 GHDs cashout

  6. Brian Sheppard Reply

    9:02 #245 on the DL, Ring dips were tough, def. need to do some work there.

  7. JC Reply

    Nice job bravo. What’s up with blevis? No more jboom?
    NOTLD 4:43 RX

  8. Craig Reply

    7:23 (295) du’s were choppy need to get those tight

    Cash out 3×15 terminators 65#

  9. Page Lockhart Reply

    Nator in the house w JBoom n Colleen
    For NOTLD.. In the am w The big guys!
    12:38 #165.
    Felt better today. Need more veggies tho.

  10. JBlevis Reply

    Blevis took her over today….JBoom will be back Thursday

    It was a great crew this am!!!! Nice job peeps!

  11. Tom Reply

    15:45, 165lbs and singles

    I can’t jump rope, it all traces back to a back experience in the 2nd grade that I don’t like to talk about with anyone besides my therapist…..

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