10.27.11 "Turkish Bath"

October 26, 2011

Floor Wipers. Oh my!!!

The 10am Crushing it! Hi doug.

“Turkish Bath”
Turkish Get Up (35,25)
Toe to Bars

Rest at least 5mins

Tabata Rowing 8 Intervals of :20sec Max calories :10 Rest
Score is total calories

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  1. Brittany Reply

    18:41(10lbs, KT) 40 cals row.

  2. JBlevis Reply

    18:14 (15# wandering turks) T2B slowed me down!
    43 Cal Row ….nice start to the day 🙂

  3. JBoom Reply

    Forgot to change my name back Jblevis = jboom 😉

  4. John Lazaro Reply

    Turkish Bath 15:48Rx
    Tabata row 61 cal.

    JBoom do you think your girlfriend would mind us going on a date
    Luv Blevis……..LOL

  5. willhuntforfood Reply

    Tukish Bath
    12:45, 135lb floor wipers instead of toes to bar

  6. JC Reply

    @tim(huntforfood) nice work. you took a toe 2 bars out for floor wipers. You are a better man than I. That sounds horrible.

    • willhuntforfood Reply

      horrible is correct, but still having some difficulty hanging from arm so I figured these would be a good substitute

  7. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Turkish Bath
    11:14, 135lb floor wipers instead of toes to bar

    Saved our callouses though!

  8. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Oh, and we did Tabata Shin 2 Chins


  9. Jrisk Reply

    “Turkish Bath” 19:08rx

    Tabata row- 59cals

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