10.28.11 "The other Total"

October 27, 2011

Justin aka Risky Business

Colleen aka Collz

Pat aka Murph aka P$

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“The other Total”
1 Rep Max Clean
1 Rep Max Bench
1 Rep Max OHS
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  1. John Lazaro Reply

    Joao aka” The Portugese Rooster/Jumping Bean/Fava Bean”

  2. A.Del Reply

    The Other Total: 105, 95, 65 265Total

  3. Tank Reply

    Frank the Tank. Good seeing my morning crew again. Always fun!

    The Other Total: 475

    Clean: 175
    Bench: 185
    OHS: 115 (almost 135 but didnt go below parallel.. Getting that next time!)

  4. Currin Reply

    The other Total: 595

    Clean: 195
    Bench: 245
    OHS: 155 – I can improve a lot here. I just need to get more comfortable with the heavier weights but have the strength to go heavier.

    This workout was a nice change of pace…

  5. Bravo Reply

    Bravo, Lordy, Z-LO, ZORD, DZL, Z, Almighty – just a few

    The Other Total: 705
    Clean – 235#
    Bench – 305#
    OHS – 165#

    OHS was miserable today!!

  6. Jrisk Reply

    Good numbers so far guys!

  7. John Lazaro Reply

    Joao “portugese fava bean”

    Cleans 175#
    Bench 205#
    OHS 115# PB my heaviest weight was 45#

    • John Lazaro Reply

      You need to join the morning crew more often.

      Classic Frank “the mullet” Tank

  8. Page Lockhart Reply

    Ok.! Fun w the big guys this am Who Ha!!
    Total : for Nator
    Clean 110
    Bench 115
    OHS 65
    PR on clean & OHS

    Need to get after that bench.

  9. willhuntforfood Reply


    Clean – 215 (under PR by 30)
    Bench – 245 (under PR by 40)
    OHS – 215- PR by 10

    Total = 675

    Not too bad given my 2 month hiatus! Need OLY work bad!

  10. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Pete AKA “Coach”

    Clean – 195 (missed on 200) PR
    Bench -185 (missed on 195)
    OHS – 185 Killed my PR by 50lbs..

    Total = 565

    FEELING it today for some reason. Had to set some new standards for Brian.

  11. Sonia Cormier Reply

    “Other Total”
    Clean 175 (pr)
    Bench 145(pr)
    OHS 155

    Total = 475

    I like this “getting strong” phase ; )

  12. Chris Winters Reply

    Clean – 135 spent more time working on my form than I did trying to get to a max
    Bench -205 PR (missed on 225)
    OHS – 125 PR (missed on 145) definitely should have done more here as well, but got really sloppy at the end

    Total = 455

    Decent improvements from my first few workouts. thanks for everyone’s help in getting me going!

  13. Jrisk Reply

    Jrisk Aka risky business

    Clean- 275 (PR by 30#!)
    Bench- 365
    OHS- 95 🙁 !! (flexibility is still tough on my shoulder)

    Total: 735

  14. Craig Reply

    Clean 205 PR
    Bench 255
    OHS 135 PR failed on 145 but I know I can get it next time

    Nice work everybody pr’s everywhere

  15. JBoom Reply

    Clean 105 PR
    OHS 95 PR
    Bench press 85

    Gotta eat da protein I guess!

    Nice work peeps!

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