10.29.13 "Death by Power Snatch"

October 28, 2013

Tonight Paleo Naturals will be coming by the 430,530 and 630pm classes with samples of their. Paleo bars, muffins, granola, jerky, chilli, soups and more!!! Stop by any class for free samples.

I think I can! I Think I can!

I CAN!!!

1 RM Power Snatch


Death by Power Snatch
1st Minute – 1 Reps
2nd Minute – 2 Reps
3rd Minute – 3 Reps
…continue until you can not complete the amount of reps within the minute

Weight is 75-80% of Your 1RM Today

Tomorrow will be Squat Day!!!

1. Strength
1 RM Power Snatch
2. Metcon
Death by Power Snatch
3. Endurance
Tabata Hill Sprints
(A) if you have a treadmill perform 8 sets of Tabata Hill Sprints at 12*incline. Pick one speed for all rounds and try to maintain. 7.5-10.0 speed. Tabata is :20sec on :10sec off
(B) Without a treadmill. Perform 8 sets of 200m sprints on the minute.
4. Recovery
Snatch Grip RDL’s–mid shin
3×6 across heavy

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge 2 weeks left!!!
* Halloween Costume WOD Thursday the 31st
* November 16th “Dodgeball for Down’s Syndrome” at CFD 12-4
* Thanksgiving Day “Murph”



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  1. Leo Ekbom III Reply

    Squat Dayyyy on Hump Dayyyyy

  2. RlmenA Reply

    1RM Power Clean- 145
    By Power Snatch- 7+4 #115

  3. Sonia Blade Reply

    Sorry to am classes, I misread the WOD, we were supposed to do 1RM Power Snatches! Woops!

  4. Mr. Rx Reply

    1RM Power Snatch 175, 10#pR-this is my goat
    WOD 8+3 (135)
    Great WOD with Big sexy and the Tripod.

  5. CC Engine Reply

    55# RM (same as previous. Need to practice PS’s more!)
    13 Rnds! Then stopped!! 40# (75%)
    Woding w great peeps 630 P at CFB!!

  6. Leo Ekbom III Reply

    1RM Power Snatch 145lbs (up 20lbs from last time) and 8+7 (115) for the WOD

  7. RealeDeal Reply

    Power Snatch 1RM 80#. Failed a bunch of times on 85#, need to work on getting under that bar.
    Death by Power Snatch: 12 rounds at 60#

  8. JosephSantos Reply

    175 on the 1rm need to get my but to Oly class for some technique work. Workout 10 full rounds at 135# didn’t see partial credit for next round no biggie.

  9. AdamH Reply

    170# 1 Rep Max. Took a couple tries, but finally got under and locked it out. New PR
    WOD: worked up to 10 reps in 12 minutes. Had to rest after 8 and 9.

  10. AdamH Reply

    WOD weight 125#

  11. Don E Reply

    1 rm PS 115. WOD = 10
    + 9 @ 90#

  12. Sonia Blade Reply

    Nice Neon! 20# PR is HUGE!!!

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