10.3.11 "Death by Burpees"

October 03, 2011


Strength: 1RM Clean n Jerk

“Death by Burpees”
On the 1st minute perform 1 rep, then 2reps on the next minute, then 3reps…… Until you can not complete the reps in 1minute

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  1. A.Del Reply

    Started out strong, but lost steam quickly. 🙁
    C&J 100# PR
    Burpees 14+11

  2. Currin Reply

    Clean and Jerk – 195

    Burpees 16rds + 11

  3. Bravo Reply

    “Death by Burpees” 18 rds + 12
    thanks for the push 5:30 class … without your good scores I probably would have stopped at 15. Nothing like a monday morning workout of 173 burpees in 15 mins.

    Clean and Jerk – 225#

    • Currin Reply

      OK, that being said, the 5:30 class will not be posting times moving forward…

  4. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    “Death By Burpees”
    18rds +15

    “CrossFit Games Event 10”

    19:42 Substituting the drag with 100m Farmers walk using 100lb Dumbells.

    Not sure that Death by Burpees was a great warmup…

  5. Sonia Cormier Reply

    Great times today at 5:30!!!
    C&J 165 PR
    Death 17+17…
    Buck Furpees 😉

  6. Kristen Reply

    C&J 135# thanks to Jay getting me out of my head!

    Death by Burpees – 15+12

    I’m with Sonia…Buck Furpees!

    Oh, and Zak rocked it this morning!

  7. Tank Reply

    16 + 10 – 165 # clean and jerk.

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