10.31.11 "Trick or Treat"

October 30, 2011

Front Squat 3×5 sets

“Trick or Treat”
5 Pistols each leg
10 Chest 2 Bars
20 KB Swings(53,35)

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  1. Currin Reply

    “Trick or Treat” – 8:06 – pistols and C2B can both use some work.

  2. A.Del Reply

    Front Squat – 125#

    Trick or Treat – 18:10 – Pull Ups (pull ups definately need some work but I did the the full wod without a band for the first time)

    • Currin Reply

      Great work on the pulls ups…. They are coming along!

  3. Bravo Reply

    “Trick or Treat” 10:24 Rx
    need help on pistols … I think Richard Simmons was distracting me

    Front Squat 255#

    • Currin Reply

      be careful when working out with Richard… He will attempt some “thrusters” when you least expect it!

  4. willhuntforfood Reply

    Front Squat 135,155,175,195,215

    Trick or Treat
    11:20, used 5 lb weight for 2 rounds of pistols

  5. John Lazaro Reply

    Trick or Treat. 11:02 with 1 plate for pistols

    I have to agree. Richard was throwing me off too.
    I think it was the colors……..

    FS 185#
    Failed 2x @ 225#
    Next time.

  6. JohnF Reply

    Trick or Treat
    225# Front Squat
    10:40, needed ring assist on pistols

    Nice work Andrea on the pullups

  7. Jason Caldas Reply

    Nice work Richard. Craig-etta was more distracting. Damn Craig we need to work on those legs.
    Trick or treat 6:41rx

  8. JBoom Reply

    13:56 time was weak but I also did WOD with NO BAND WOOOOP WOOOOP
    Glad I had my girl Craigetta with me!

  9. Jrisk Reply

    “trick or treat” 9:42 (25lb plate on pistols)

    -felt strong as hell on the C2B

    Front squats- 315#

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