10.31.13 "Nightmare on AMRAP St."

October 30, 2013

Congratulations to Cat and Barry!!!
Their love started at CrossFit Bridgewater with the Famous Orange Cake and last night we were all so luckily to be a part of their engagement at the box, right after they conquered FRAN.

Great Couple! Great Community!!!
Rope Climb Practice

Nightmare on AMRAP St.
Teams of 2
Max Calorie Row (Athlete #1)
AMRAP 2mins
Max Calorie Row (Athlete #2)
AMRAP 3mins
Max Wall Climbs
AMRAP 4mins
Max Power Cleans (135,95)
AMRAP 5mins
Max Burpees to plate

–Athlete 1 must complete the 1min AMRAP and Athlete 2 must complete the 2min AMRAP. Then you may split up all the work thereafter. Strategy would be to put the athlete with better conditioning on AMRAP 2 or the the person with the best wall walks on AMRAP 1. Score is total reps.


—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge 2 weeks left!!!
* Halloween Costume WOD Thursday the 31st
* November 16th “Dodgeball for Down’s Syndrome” at CFD 12-4
* Thanksgiving Day “Murph”




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  1. Amber Shepard Reply

    WOD: Worked with Mary! 189 reps

    • sheri mcintyre Reply

      Jenny & sheri 203 reps. 55#

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