10.4.13 "Power Liz"

October 03, 2013

Competition Season is Starting
We will be hosting a competitor meeting next Sunday October 13th @ 11am. This is for all athletes interested in competing, especially athletes training for OPENS and Regionals. Only requirement is that you can RX 90% of workouts. This will be one of our first Competitor Training sessions. Local competitors from other boxes will also be invited to train with us, as long as they can hang. We will then create a weekly training schedule for competitors to meet and train.

It feels good to be back!!!

3 Rep Max Unbroken Power Clean

Power Liz
Power Cleans (135,95)
Ring Dips

15 min cap

1) 3RM UB Power Clean
2) Power Liz
3) AMRAP 5mins
Rope Climbs

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge is ON!!!
* October 13th @ 11am Competitor Meeting @ CFB
* October 27th Dr. Rockett Injury Prevention Seminar
* Thanksgiving Day “Murph”



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  1. RlmenA Reply

    9:57 Rx 3RM #175. Failed 185 on third
    AMRAP 5 Rope Climbs: 8

  2. RealJoshCamara Reply

    5:00 RX 
    3RM 205
    made a big jump to 225 and only hit it once.

  3. CC Engine Reply

    9:29  60#, red band
    70# for 3rm pc unb
    Great  530P at CFD w JesC &great crew! :0

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