11.1.12 "Team 5k Row"

November 01, 2012

Hey CFB,
We have lots of new faces and we love it but let’s not forget some of the old rules.
Lets make a FUN game out of some rules. Lets call it the BURPEE Penalty Game:

1) Put your Bar and weights away after every workout
50 Burpee Penalty

2) Be on Time for Class
5 Burpees per Minute Late
You should always be 10 mins early to warm up and stretch properly.

3) You must have your journal
20 Burpee Penalty

(We are getting brand new journals next week so there will be no more excuses)

4) You can not use a 45# Bar with the 10# nor the 15# bumpers. You must use a 15# bar if its less than 95#. The bumpers break

100 Burpee Penalty
If you break a bumper plate for not following the rules.

The coaching staff will ENJOY enforcing these Burpee Laws.

Team 5k Row
Teams of 3
Complete 5000m row by switching every 250m. After each row you must also complete 10 Burpees. Only one athlete may row at a time.

If there is a team of 2 then complete 3500m row and rest exactly 1min between rounds or once the first athlete is done with his Burpees.

7 Burpees between rounds

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  1. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Team RAC: (full drag setting on rower)

    19:48 w/o the final round of burpees
    20:10 5k w/ burpees
    20:57 5250m with all the burpees (7 rounds a piece)

    we werent sure if you should stop time after the 5k…

  2. Sweat Beast Reply

    I come early as much as I can… its hard sometimes without a car. But usually when I come late I usually just do the next class.

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Team 5K Row: 23:07 Team Cat/Tricia/CC. I know I slowed their time a little bit, because they are superstars!! but was great being on their team. I like team WODS! Burpees are another story!! Lol! 😉

  4. Tricia Reply

    CC you did great!! Thanks for joing our team tonight!

  5. Sweat beast Reply

    2K row 7:34

    Then 2400m team row with the hockey pucks

    200m intervals
    10 burpees inbetween each row

  6. Cat Reply

    CC no smack talk about yourself allowed!! You did awesome and we were a great team! Loved the team challenge tonight. I love rowing! Burpees…not so much. 🙂

  7. CC Engine Reply

    Thanks Tricia and Cat! I really enjoyed that team workout! It was a bit tough but that makes it all the better!! Lol 😉 (& No more smack talk! Lol!)

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