11.1.13 "Lurong Triplet Tester"

November 01, 2013

We will be retesting the Lurong Triplet Today. On Monday and Wednesday we will retest the Lurong Original and Lurong Clean Sprint. “SQUAT…day” will be Saturday this week and then back to Tuesday and Friday next week!!!

Cow Girl, Father McTickles, Crossfit Casper and Coach Risky!

Lurong Triplet Tester
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of:
Wall Balls
Box Jumps(regular) or Step ups
–games style box jumps are not required

18 Minute Time Cap

Movement Details – Men

Level III (3)
20 pound Wall Balls 10ft
115 pound Deadlifts
24 inch Box Jumps

Level II (2)
20 pound Wall Balls 10ft
105 pound Deadlifts
20 inch Box Jumps

Level I (1)
12 pound Wall Balls 10ft
85 pound Deadlifts
16 inch Box Jumps

Movement Details – Women

Level III (3)
14 pound Wall Balls 9ft
75 pound Deadlifts
20 inch Box Jumps

Level II (2)
14 pound Wall Balls 9ft
65 pound Deadlifts
16 inch Box Jumps

Level I (1)
8 pound Wall Balls 9ft
55 pound Deadlifts
12 inch Box Jumps

1) Strength
KB Banded Bench Press 7×3 -heavy-hang a 35kb off each side of the bar with a band.
2) Metcon
“Lurong Triplet Tester”
3) Recovery
A.1 Mile Run
B. 3×15 Landmine Twists

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge 2 weeks left!!!
* Halloween Costume WOD Thursday the 31st
* November 16th “Dodgeball for Down’s Syndrome” at CFD 12-4
* Thanksgiving Day “Murph”



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  1. Almen Reply

    Great 9 A.M Push
    17:59 L3 Just Made It!

  2. Josh.O Reply

    1) Bench press 7×3 with banded kettlebell– 165, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225(1.5 reps), 230
    (1 rep)
    2) 12:12 L3 (Think i got 14 something last time so it’s a good PR)
    3) Light 1 mile jog took about 7:40
    didn’t do landmine twists

    • Josh.O Reply

      last time i did this i got 14:51!

  3. Big Sexy Reply

    Bench w/banded 35# KBs – up to 225#
    Triple Tester – 9:13 Rx L3 (1 sec. slower than last time)
    1 mile run Recovery – 7:36 nice little run with Josh, JessC and Paisley…except P made me stop twice for her to use the restroom.

    I saw some amazing improvements in this workout with the morning classes! Can wait to see how the afternoon classes do.

  4. Kathy Reply

    Sept18 my time was 15:56 (L1)
    Today my time was 12:30 (L1)
    Thankful for everyone that’s helped me push everyday! Amazing support!

  5. JosephSantos Reply

    11:03 Level 3. Need to be able to bang out box jumps quickly to get this type of workout done faster.

  6. Scotty henriques Reply

    Time: 13.33
    Wall ball-14#
    Box jumps-20″

  7. neon joe Reply

    10:40 58 secs faster.w didn’t time the run but was a nice pace just did regular bench press with hercules because we weren’t sure how to do banded KB benchpress

  8. Don E Reply

    14:32 Lev-3, beat last score by 2m 8sec. Lots of room for improvement.

  9. CC Engine Reply

    12:59 with 10# WB, 65# DL, 16″BX
    Great To be w the 630 P at CFD! 🙂

  10. Jenny j Reply

    My first time was 13:57 level 3, second time made it in 9:48

    • Wade Reply

      Jenny “the beastette” Jackson aka “Double J”!!

  11. Wade Reply

    Shaved off 1:13!! L3 – 10:35. Unbroken except I dropped the bar twice on the DLs! Great 9am this morning!!

  12. alexandra Reply

    14:53! Level 2. shaved about 2 minutes!

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