11.13.12 "Lurong Original"

November 12, 2012

My Grandma “Mama” 78yrs old doing “Christine” 3rounds 250row 12 Deadlifts(35) 21 step-ups(16) 9:41:-)

What’s your Excuse?!

Lurong Living Original
5 Rounds
20 Burpees
20 KB Swings

Men’s Rx – KB Swings at 53 lbs
Men’s Scaled – KB Swings at 35 lbs
Women’s Rx – KB Swings at 35 lbs
Women’s Scaled – KB Swings at 25 lbs



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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    Endurance WOD 1

    10 minute warm up

    Felt pretty good out there this morning

  2. Adam Reply

    Lots of folks in the 5:30 AM! Lots of folks improving!

    12:32 RX. Last time (9/21) it took 13:36.

  3. currin Reply

    11:51.. almost a minute slower than last time.. No excuses just a piss poor performance.

    Hats off to everyone else who PR’d today!!!

  4. Mark Reply

    13:03 (12:45 last time)
    Lots of PR’s today. Great job everyone…
    Awesome energy in there today at 5:30

  5. Wade Reply

    5:30AM was rockin’ again!! Early birds getting PRs left and right!!! I shaved off 13 seconds since Sept. Not as drastic as I wanted. I might try this one again on Saturday. 12:46 RX

  6. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    RX = 9:12

    Andy did 10:21 RX

  7. mantis Reply

    11:50rx…shaved three minutes off of my time from 8 weeks ago. AWESOME 5:30am as usual

  8. mantis Reply

    Correction, 3 and a half minutes. Burpies to the face!

  9. Soniablade Reply

    Electric 5:30 pm class!
    Lurong Original 11:28
    PR by 1:30!!!
    AND beat my Christine time by 6 minutes!
    WooHooWooHoo Lurong!!!!!!

  10. CC Engine Reply

    LLO: 18:00 RX!!! :0 Ha ha! Took me a lil bit but i did it!!! 🙂
    Great 630 pm class!

  11. Sweat beast Reply

    Lurong original

    11:31 rx

    Pr by 1:54 I believe!!!

    Thanks sexy for the push.

    Did it unbroken

  12. hercules Reply

    Lurong original 8:59 r.x. first score 9:08. Great class. Bravo 8:54- are you kidding me! ” BEAST” lol

  13. big sexy Reply

    Lurong orig: 9:45 rx…thought i was dying post WOD.

  14. CC Engine Reply

    Nice job everybody! And great job Mama & Coach JC!!! You should have her see this post, so she can know she’s a celebrity!! Lol 🙂

  15. Cat Reply

    Lurong: 12:20 Scaled — Special K, Tricia and working as a team tonight to get us all PR’ing together = why we LOVE CFB. Cut 1:03 of my original time.

  16. Tricia Reply

    Lurong scaled 12:50. Working with Cat and Special K keeps me at the top of my game. PR for this one! First time was 14:41. Thanks for the push ladies!

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