11.14.12 "Rack it Up"

November 13, 2012

Chris…where you at?!

1)Lacrosse ball Foot
2)Twisting IT band Roller
-2mins each leg
-half class start on ball half on roller

Rack it Up
Front Rack Lunge Steps(95,65)
SDHP (95,65)
Box Jumps (24,20)

1) OTM for 10 sets
Box Squat 2 reps 60%1RM plus bands or chains
–set two 90-100# Dumbells on the floor and attach the bands to the DBs and the bar. Use the green bands.
2) Rack it Up

– Post scores to comments



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  1. Adam Reply

    15:35 RX

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Looks a ‘lil tuff, but “Suck it up” & “Rack it up”!!! 😉

  3. Wade Reply

    Sad that I missed this one. Had a tough time falling asleep last night so I decided to take the extra sleep this morning. I really wanted to work on the mobility stuff.

  4. Kristin Reply

    Lurong Original 11:46 from (13:14) starting to like burpees…good thing b/c had to do extra 15 for being late. Love working out with this crew. No more animal crackers and Teddy Grahams. The people who did the challenge are amazing and inspirational.

  5. Big Sexy Reply

    Rack it up- 13:31 rx

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