11.16.12 "Snatch/Clean"

November 15, 2012

Corrin is n Beast Mode! She training for the Crossfit Games Opens! Are you ready? Less than 100 days away!!!

It’s OLY Time!!! If you haven’t noticed already we are focusing on our Olympic Weightlifting and Endurance. The next few weeks will continue this cycle. I want to see some Huge Snatches(i know) in 3 weeks!!!

10 sets of 2 OTM
@75% 1RM

Clean n Jerk
10 sets of 2 OTM
@75% 1RM

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  1. T-Rex Reply

    I know…. It’s taper week – take it easy… Did about 3/4 of the work out jumping back and forth between Currin’s and Mantis’s weight. Looking forward to Saturday afternoons class and Sundays marathon!!! Taped my little pansy hands and got all the way across the monkey bars today! Great 5:30am class again. good luck to everyone competing this weekend. If you get tired, just remember, I’ll still be running so push through it! Can’t wait to hear how you all did so please post how you did and pics from the event so I have something to do Sunday night!!!!

    Got my final measurements done. I’m down a little in all categories, but not as much as I thought. I feel better, and that’s what counts mostly. Down about 10 pounds, but I have more weight than a week ago… Most likely because I’m taking on extra water and fuel for this weekend. Looking forward to hardcore beast mode next week!

    • Andrea Reply

      Good Luck this weekend Jeff!!

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Good luck everyone this weekend!!! Yahoo, Kill em all and take no prisoners! Lol! 😉 & Great job T-Rex!

  3. currin Reply

    Good Luck this weekend Jeff-

    Congrats to everyone on the hard work during the Paleo challenge.. Great results all around!!!

  4. RoYourBoat Reply

    Definitely a good and tough WOD-have a blister the size of an egg on my hand.
    Clean Jerk #55

    Working on good form.

    G-Luck Jeff! See you Monday.

  5. Adam Reply

    Good luck, everyone and congrats to all that did the Paleo Challenge! Its impressive to see all the results!

    WOD: 135# for both movements. It took a couple rounds to get the weight moving, but finally got it going. Thanks, for the tips Coach J!

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