11.19.12 "Snake Bite"

November 18, 2012

Congratulations to all the CFB Gladiators that competed Sunday at the Ghetto Games!!! What an awesome event. Sweaty, Chief, Heather, Chrissy, Sexy, Killa, Will I AM, Big Pat D, Currin, Mark, Ford, Legs, Diddie and Chris all showed up and crushed it. We are very proud of everyone!!!

Diddie and Chris took First place in the Novice Division!

Click here for Diddie’s Thruster Off!!!

List of the Mens Results.

Heather and Chrissy took 9th place out of 29.

Tons more pictures on our Facebook page. Like us!!!

Snatch Warm-up Drills

“Snake Bite”
Squat Snatch (95,65)
Chest to bar pull-ups

Power Snatch (95,65)

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  1. Jcurrin Reply

    “Snakebite” 15 something I think..

    Not the recovery WOD I was looking for.. Great work to everyone who competed yesterday..

    Thanks for the 33 b-day burpees mantis…

  2. JohnF Reply

    Great event at 508 this weekend, everyone did a great job, it was a fabulous day. That Bear Crawl was surprisingly tough, and who knew Elaine had such great hair!
    Happy birthday James!

  3. currin Reply

    not my b-day… It’s Sara’s… I’m old enough already!

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Well Happy Birthday Sara!!! Ha Ha! 🙂
    & Congrats Jeffe for finishing the Marathon yesterday. Great stuff!!!!
    Have a good day peeps!

  5. Wade Reply

    Nice energy today at the 5:30AM with 33 burpees courtesy of Mantis! Nice work on those chest to bars Currin! Don’t know if I could have had that same energy after competing the day before.

    The Oly class has really helped me a lot with my olympic lifts. It’s starting to pay off in the WODs. I used to be sore in my lower back after doing anything that involved dead lifts but now I’m using my legs and keeping my back nutral. Try and check out Nugz and the Oly class if you can. Friday nights and Sunday mornings.

    Snake Bite – 15:31 (95, pull ups)

  6. Adam Reply

    Happy B’day Sarah! Glad you’re still young. I couldn’t do many more burpees! Who was the loud mouth that announced your birthday? 🙂

    WOD: 13:07 (95#, scaled to pull ups)

    I shaved almost 4 minutes off the last time we did this in July (17:04 scaled the same). That is encouraging. Now I need to get the C2B going.

  7. Corrin Reply

    12:30RX Felt AWFUL ha

  8. Corrin Reply

    Happy BDAY PRAY!

  9. Kristin Reply

    14:32? Scaled 45#, pull-ups, popped up first chest to bar since the kids. More to come I hope.
    The twins didnt bite anyone at babysitting!
    Great 10a crew!

  10. hercules Reply

    Snake bite. 9:01 RX, high enery 430 class!

  11. Tricia Reply

    10:05 scaled. 35# squat snatch, wanted to work on form. Pull-ups with purple, getting better. 6:30 always a great class! Thanks Risky! Good coaching.

  12. Page Lockhart Reply

    Happy bday Mantis!! I will do my make up
    Bday burpees tomm. 🙂 see you all later,

  13. Cat Reply

    Happy Birthday Mantis!
    Snake Bite: 10:40 45# Scaled – did 1st 21 with purple for 1st time. Great 6:30, as usual.

  14. Big Sexy Reply

    Snake Bite- 14:33 rx

    I agree with currin and corrin, not the best day after a comp wod. probably should have done some mobility instead. legs were dead!

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