11.21.12 "Grace"

November 20, 2012

CFB Bowling Party
Hey everyone, join us Friday night at 8pm @ Westgate lanes in Brockton for a little CFB bowling action! Meet there at 8pm for a true end of Lurong Challenge Party and Holiday Kick Off!!! Afterparty will consist of more shenanigans at Charlie Horse or any other fine watering hole
In the area. As always be responsible and bring a DD!!!

Ford Tough!


3 Position Pausing Clean Pull
1 Clean Pull

For Time:
30 Clean n Jerks (135,95)

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  1. currin Reply

    Special thanks to Bruce for bringing in his Kidz Bop 13 dance party CD. Nothing gets me going at 5:30 like a little Kattie Perry! Love it

    Grace: 3:43 @ 135#.. PR compared to 6:20 on 6/27/11

    Great work today bye everyone at 5:30… Hope to see you all for Murph in the AM!!!!

    • Nugz Reply

      you know you loved the jams!!

  2. Adam Reply

    Awesome improvement, Currin!

    Strength: 185# – thanks to Currin for pushing me to go heavy.

    WOD: 5:49 RX

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  3. Pat D. Reply

    Strength: 185#

    Grace: 3:28 @ 95#…. Definitely going heavier next time

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Murph on Turkey Day, let’s gooooo!!

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Happy pre Thxgvg Day!! Hope to make it 2mrw am to do the Holiday WOD!!! 🙂

  5. Stacey Reply

    First time doing this WOD… its a tough one! 6:27 RX. Thanks for the help today Bruce!
    No need to send out the milk carton Jeff… I’m back!

  6. TRex Reply

    Great 5:30am crew… Still in recovery mode, but that felt good today! Scaled to 95#. 135# on strength. See you in the morning!

    • TRex Reply

      …in 4:58… Got a ways to catch up with Nugz!

  7. Pat D. Reply

    my email for the newsletter is pduran@student.bridgew.edu

  8. Sweat beast Reply

    If I could write this in bigger font I would.

    >>>>>>R_blake15@yahoo. Com <<<<<<<<


    JC see above. 🙂

  9. Kristin Reply

    Strength 115#
    Grace 3:30, 95# (with a lot of grunting) better technique might prevent that!
    Thanks for the drills Bruce- will work on the knees!
    No animal crackers were injured after this WOD, but I wanted to bight the heads off.

  10. Kristin Reply

    Thanks for Newsletter: kristinhaskell@hotmail.com

  11. Mark Reply
  12. Currin Reply

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