11.21.13 "Goat Wods"

November 20, 2013

Don’t be afraid of GOATs!!!

Goat WOD
We will be starting GOAT WOD training once a week for the next 4-6 weeks. GOATS are the Movements in CrossFit that we would rather not see in a WOD. Movements like Overhead squats, pistols, double unders, handstand pushups, pullups and squat snatches. Whatever the movement is, it’s up to you to Master your GOATs. If you conquer these movements and strengthen all your weaknesses then you will become the best Crossfitter you can be. Fill all the holes in your armor an become unstoppable. We will help you come up with a GOAT WOD for each individual athlete. This will involve two goat movements. You will perform the same GOAT WOD every week but may increase weights or reps as you conquer it! Get Excited!

Each WOD today will be AMRAP 15 Mins
You will pick 2 Goat Movements Plus one Aerobic movement (250row, 200 run, 20DU, 20 Air squats)
5 Overhead Squats (light) add weight each week
5-10 Toe 2 bars
20 Double Unders or Attempts

3-5 Hand Stand push ups (add reps each week)
3-5 Pullups (add reps each week)
200m Run

Rest/Active Recovery

You will have goats programmed in on Wednesdays.
I expect you all to make up a specific goat WOD. Involving high skill, ex:
Amrap 15
3 Unbroken Power Snatches (135-155)increase each week
3 Turkish Get Ups
30 feet Handstand Walk + Turnaround



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  1. Adam Reply

    20 Single Unders
    5 Ring Dips
    250M Row

    4 rounds + 19

  2. Don E Reply

    Goat, 5 rounds.
    15x Overhead Squats (35#) Felt best in rnds 4&5
    10x DblUndr (Unable to link them)
    2x Muscle Ups (50% success rate)

  3. CC Engine Reply

    10 PULL UP, 10 HSPU, 8 DU
    (small purple&thin grey, 2mats&10#plate)
    Got 2 DU together 2X.
    HSPU all UNB until last round-5th.

    4 Rounds + 15.

    This was my goat wod previous, but increaed the reps. Was good wod!
    Great 630 P at CFB with Natoraid and Great big crew! Great to see ya peeps!! 🙂

  4. John Edward Norris Reply

    6 rounds
    3 Wall Walks
    10 Pistols
    10 Double Unders

  5. Reale Deal Reply

    5 T2B
    1 snatch balance +2 squat snatch
    20 DUs
    5 Rounds + 5

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