11.23.12 Team #Get After It

November 22, 2012

MURPH was here!!!

Gladiators in action!

Team #Get After It
Teams of 3 or 4
12 Minutes
Row for Calories
Switch on the minute exactly

Rest 5 Minutes

15 Minutes
Max Reps of:
Outside Wall Balls (20,14)
Sledgehammer (20,10)
Tire Flips (240,180)
200m Run

Each team member will be at one station at a time. While one teammate runs 200m the others will perform max reps at there station. When the runner returns he will high five the Wallball team member and everyone will high five each other to rotate from there. You must high five!!! One person must always be running. When you return from the run you keep rotating in the same order where you left off. Score is total reps. Each teammate will keep their own continuous score and add it together at the end.

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  1. Caroline C. Reply

    Hey CFB!

    I couldn’t come in this morning due to work, so I WODded myself with a 2.22 mile ruck march with 25 pounds in my rucksack. It was good.

    Also, I know we Crossfitters often listen to dubstep and I thought I’d recommend some fresh tunes for y’all. The Frim (my cousin) is getting quite a name for himself as a dubstep artist and he just released a new EP. Although he’s my cousin, I’m a total music snob and would not recommend his tunes if I didn’t think they were really, REALLY good. Check it out:


    Good stuff to WOD to ^_^

    I’ll be back en force next week.


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