11.27.12 "Jeremy"

November 26, 2012

Currin in the Zone!!! Great Set Up!

Snatch Balance-Non Heaving
2-2-2-1-1-1 Heaviest Possible
-Vertical Torso
-Butt to the ground(below-below)

Overhead Squat
5-5-3-3-1-1 Heaviest Possible

Overhead Squats (95,65)

12min Cap

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  1. Jcurrin Reply

    Worked up to 145# snatch balance…

    Jeremy – 5:21 Rx

  2. TRex Reply

    Strength? to #105…. RX Jeremy 16:04. That was tough! Practiced some DU before and after….

    • TRex Reply

      …Strength on Snatch Balance….

  3. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Andy 5:11 Rx
    Tim 5:55 Rx
    Brian 6:00 Rx

  4. Risky biz Reply

    Ended my OHS at 205#… Felt light!!!!


    Good training at cf Dartmouth today!!!

  5. RoYourBoat Reply

    OHS @#55
    Jeremy-6:42 #45

  6. CC Engine Reply

    Worked up to 35# snatch balance a few times. (Working on form/balance 🙂
    Jeremy – 7:46 (35#, maybe should go 40,45 next time!)
    Good 630 p class with “Nator.

  7. Cat Reply

    Strength: worked up to #65
    Jeremy: 7:01 @ 60#
    Great 6:30pm class.

  8. Sweat beast Reply

    Got a wod on in Dartmouth!

    Pr’d my overhead squat! 235. Felt light!


    Need to get quicker on burpees. Definitely making progress

  9. JC Reply

    Great job on the snatch balances today. Impressed with the skill level this evening.

    Snatch balance 175#
    Jeremy 3:47rx.

    Couldn’t catch bravo. 3:39?

  10. Soniablade Reply

    3x2k Row 5 min rest
    Jeremy 6:12 Rx
    Legs were on FIRE from row!

  11. Bravo Reply

    No snatch balance …. one of the movements that doesn’t work for me
    snatch push press and 2 OHS up to 205#

    Jeremy 3:39 Rx

    JC started to pick it up on the burpees at the end and almost caught me.
    I loved the battle. Everyone pushed the pace last night it was awesome!

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