11.28.12 "Kettle Bell Car Bomb"

November 27, 2012


EMOTM 10 Minutes
Muscle up Practice
1-5 Muscle ups or Hip to Rings

3 Muscle up Transitions or Jumping Muscle ups

Kettle Bell Car Bomb
3 Rounds
15 KB Swings (70,53)
30 Box Jumps (24,20)
15 Pullups

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  1. currin Reply

    1 MU OTM.. 2 MU for the last round. Definitely need to work on the transition between reps.

    “Irish Car Bomb” 10:42 Rx

  2. Wade Reply

    MU transitions. still need to get my hips to those rings!! KB CarBomb – 10:57 with box steps. Another action packed 5:30AM!

  3. Caroline C. Reply

    EMOM: 1 hips to rings each. The first two rounds were like “oh, cake.” Then it suddenly got really hard, really fast.

    KB Car Bomb: 19:32 Rx

    I love all these moves, but Rx really killed me today. And the 53# KB wasn’t even the worst of it @_@

  4. Mark Reply

    1 muscle up for the first five or six minutes.
    KB Car Bomb 11:23. Last round of pullups killed me

  5. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Team RAC:

    Pete : 7:57 RX
    Brian: 9:26 RX
    Paul: 10:50 RX
    Andy: 10:27 RX

  6. CC Engine Reply

    KBCB 14:06 (35# KB, 16″ BX, Green Band). Down to only 1 band on pull ups! And this was 3rd nite in a row for me – Ooooh raa! Bam! 🙂
    Fabulous 5:30 p class – great energy – w JC!
    The gym was hopping all night!!!

  7. Adam Reply

    Skill: 3 hip to ring EMOTM

    WOD: 12:24 RX

  8. Sweat beast Reply

    3 muscle ups EMOTM

    kettlebell car bomb
    10:09 rx

    Need to get better at box jumps.

    Then i rowed 2k with my crossfit wife Corrin!

  9. RoYourBoat Reply

    MU-Scaled to Transitions.
    15 KB#25-Need to increase to 35# next time.
    30 BoxJumps-20″
    15 PU-did 50% with black band and 50% w/o band.

  10. Cat Reply

    Kettle Bell Car Bomb: 13:40 with 35#KB, 24″ box (happy accident), P/Us w/green. My arms are smokin.’ Fun, fun, fun!

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