11.3.16 “Team Works”

November 02, 2016

Mr. Lambert working out with the family!!!

13yr old Liam WODing with Dad!!!

Warm it up!

For Time:
Partner Relay
Teams of 2
One work while one rests
100m Run then tag Partner
200m Run then tag
400m Run. ”
200m Run. ”
100m Run. ”

Core and More!!
Teams of 2
Amrap 10 Minutes
Partner 1:
100m Farmers Carry (heavy)
Partner 2:
Plank Hold
Score is rounds of farmers carry

Amrap 10
Teams of 2
Partner 1:
Row 25/20 Calories
Partner 2:
Max Burpees onto 45# plate(facing)



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  1. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team rac
    Pete, Tim,Andy. 2 people worked simultaneously

    Core 10 rnds@70# db carry
    Finale, 77 burpees

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