11.30.12 "Strength and Endurance"

November 29, 2012

1 Hand Handstand…check!!!

1 RM Back Squat

Rest :30Sec
Rest 1 Minutes
Rest 2 Minutes
–All out Effort

Training Saturday at 9:30am

Meeting Sunday at 11am
-this meeting is for new and old competitors. To talk about the upcoming CrossFit Opens and about how to get better as individual athletes.

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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    Oh so happy to be with the 5:30 crew this am.

    155 back squat. Not a PR, but with all my time off I expected that.

    Was pressed for time so I did 6×200 in 7:29

  2. Adam Reply

    Great to have you back with the early birds, Andrea!

    Happy to have survived the run…not my favorite…but glad I got up for this WOD! Suprised T-Rex was a no show. He loves this running shit! 🙂

    Strength: 305#

    WOD: 17:46

  3. JohnF Reply

    Justin, rest up, hope you feel better soon.

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Jeff – hope you feel better soon also! (He has a cold & didn’t wanna spread it! That’s considerate!!!)

  5. currin Reply

    1 RM Back Squat 305# (PR)

    Max Cal Row:

    row 3 rest 2, row 2, rest 1, row 1
    60, 40, 20 = 120

    BTW… Jeff isn’t sick. he was doing shots of Mad Dog 20/20 on the train this morning!

  6. Soniablade Reply

    1RM BS 215# PR
    WOD 18:00

  7. Stacey Reply

    Currin isn’t lying!! Saw it with my own two eyes. Great Oly class tonight! Thanks Bruce!

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