11.5.12 "Tarzan"

November 04, 2012

Congratulations to team CFB “Beasts” Zak, Coach Risky and Corrin. They Won 1st place at the Synergistics Throwdown this weekend. All three PR’d their Clean in the first event to take first. Risky 305#, Zak 285# and Corrin 170#!!! WOW!

Jeffe is killin the Lurong Challenge!!!

JL got her first unassisted Pullup!!!

3 rounds
Max Pull-ups
Rest 1min between sets

4 Rounds
5 Power Snatch (95,65)
3 Rope Climbs
50 Double Unders

4 Rounds
5 Power Snatch (75,45)
10 Ring Rows
100 Single Unders

3 rds
Max Effort Muscle ups
Rest 1min between rounds

RX or Scale up the Power Snatch

The Lurong Challenge is coming to an End. We have just two weeks left. This is it! Time to lock it down. Get serious and make the best of these last two weeks. Perfect Points…no more cheats. It’s only two weeks you can DO IT!

Make sure to get all your measurements and after pictures done before November 17th and have it all submitted. You should have the same coach take your measurements to get a more accurate reading.

We will be doing the First 3 performance WODs this week and next. Friday- Lurong Original, Monday-Randy, Tuesday-Christine.

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  1. JohnF Reply

    Zak, Justin and Corrin, tremendous work this weekend at Synergistics. You guys are awesome!

  2. Andrea Reply

    Great job Zak, Justin, and Corrin!!!

  3. TRex Reply

    New PR 9 pullups. 18 all together. 95# 6 rope climb, SU. Did an extra 3 at the end.

  4. currin Reply

    Great work to the Beasts this weekend…Great work Zak, Justin, and Corrin..

    Max Pull-ups 32, 15, 10 = 57..

    Tarzan – 95# snatch, 10 C2B, and 100 singles : 13:13

    New pull up bars killed my hands today… New bars = New blood!

  5. currin Reply

    Hey Joe K,

    I put my name on the sign up sheet for the ghetto games with you.. Are you still looking for a partner?? Shoot me a text 508-642-1843.

  6. RoYourBoat Reply

    4 Rounds
    5 Power Snatch (35)
    3 Rope Climbs (scaled 10 Ring Rows)
    100 Single Unders (got the occassional double under in)

    • RoYourBoat Reply

      Pull Ups-12,6,4

  7. Page Lockhart Reply

    Wish I was Tarzan.. but it didn’t quite work
    out that way..!
    15:46 (60#) 5 rope climbs total..!
    arms smoked.

  8. Adam Reply

    Congrats, to the “Beasts”!

    Great 5:30 AM class today. Sarah was impressive on the rope climbs. JL looked great on the pullups. Glad to see her getting off the band! Stacey crushed it!

    Pull ups: 38

    WOD: 18:37 (95#, 4 rope climbs/28 Ring Pulls, many double unders…more than I ever did before).

  9. CC Engine Reply

    Congrats again to the Beasts!!! Fitting title! Lol!
    Jeff you look fantastic!!
    JL – Congrats!!!!
    AND Congrats to the competitors who did the Ruckus this w/e – Chrissy, Cat & Marty!!! (Anyone else? )
    Oh & can’t forget Elaine & Deb (Momma) doing a 1/2 mile of lunges Sunday! Congrats – Lol!!!
    CFB is the best!!! 😉
    (CFD is coming around too – better watch out! ha ha!) 🙂

  10. Mark Reply

    Pullups: 36
    Tarzan 19:26 (rope climbs first 2 rounds, ring rows after that)
    Felt the two week hiatus and numerous alcoholic beverages.

  11. Stacey Reply

    28 pull ups
    Tarzan about 20 mins rx (for the most part… did mostly rope climbs to halfway vs all the way, arms were so tired)-forgot to look at clock when i finished, just so happy to be done! Not my best workout…my body was still recovering from Saturday night…

  12. Pat D. Reply

    Pullups: 27
    Tarzan 11:10 – 95#, Ring rows, 100 SU

    Any guys looking for a partner for the Ghetto Games?

  13. mantis Reply

    Loved all the sexiness at the 5:30am class. Glad to see the numbers back up. “Tarzan” 16:19 substituted the 50 du’s for 100 singles. Did all the route climbs though! New love hate relationship with the rope :). Awesome class!

  14. JohnF Reply

    Pullups 60 (30, 17, 13).
    Rope climbs were U.G.L.Y.

  15. Corrin Reply

    Was hurting but RX’d tarzan!!

  16. Andrea :) Reply

    Pull-ups 8,5,6
    Tarzan 17:58 Rx

  17. hercules Reply

    Tarzan 11:48 R.X. 50 pullups , 40 butter fly 10 when my arms shit the bed!! lol

  18. Kristin Reply

    Tarzan 13:32, 65#, ring rows, DU’s- lots of muscle failure
    Pull-ups 7/5/4=16…finally feeling the push away for the first time. Thanks S

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