11.5.13 "Graham"

November 04, 2013

Wednesday we will be retesting the Lurong Hang Clean Sprint. All 3 benchmark WODs should be done by Saturday and make sure to get all your scores in before then as well. Measurements may be taken anytime later on this week, we will be taking after pictures(even though not required) and possibly Video Testimonials. Please ask your coach the did your original measurements to perform the last measurements.

2013-10-23 17.27.49

Its a Family Affair at CFD! New Kids Play room is in the works…

Max UB Pullups

6@70, 6@80, 3@90, 2@95%

30 Squat Clean Thrusters (155,105)
Jerking it is allowed but not prefered
Scale accordingly!

8 min Cap

1. OLY
1RM Clean and Jerk 20min cap
2. Strength
6@70, 6@80, 3@90, 2@95%
3. “Muscling Graham”
10 Rounds
3 Squat Clean Thrusters (155,105)
3 Muscle Ups

4. Recovery
(a) Bent Over BB Rows 3×8 Across Heavy
(b) ME L-Sit Hold
Superset a and b with :45sec Rest



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  1. Big Joe Reply

    HBBS finished @325. Graham 6:21 RX.

  2. Hermey the Dentist Reply

    Does Mr Rx know Gossip Girl?

  3. Mr RX Reply

    Today was a good Day!
    Clean n Jerk 275# PR
    HBBS 245,265,315,330×2

    Metcon 11:44(155)-my Muscle ups went earlier than expected but SCT’s were easy

  4. Big Sexy Reply

    Clean & Jerk 220#
    HBBS – 205, 225, 255, 275
    Graham – 7:14 Rx

  5. Wade Reply

    Max pull-ups – 33. Up 3 reps from my previous. Graham 29 reps and hit the 8 min cap. Failed on the last rep at the buzzer. 3 failed reps all together. Gotta use my hips to thrust the bar up better. Too many presses today.

  6. Josh.O Reply

    1. Clean and jerk Max, 225#
    2. HBBS- 210-240-270-285 (No missed reps)
    3. 18:30 RX (Thrusters slowed me down but i hit every rep and did 7 rounds worth of unbroken muscleups–Hit no walls today, pretty happy)
    4. Barbell rows- 95#(didn’t go heavy)
    L-sit holds- i counted to like 10 in my head but that really means 2 seconds

  7. neon joe Reply

    Pr42 pull ups Hobbs 190. 220. 245. 260. Wod7:06 @125#wanted50 pull ups next time

  8. scott henriques Reply

    max pullups 21. its a new pr for me. my last max was 18.
    “Graham”- 95#-6:04.

  9. Reale Deal Reply

    Max pull-ups 8. May be a small number but it’s double the last time!
    HBBS 115, 135, 148, 157.5
    Graham: 5:57 used 80#
    Great 6:30 class with Nator. So happy to have some of my favorite people back!

  10. Kelly G Reply

    Max pull-ups 23 yay new pr! Wod 4:56 75#

  11. Coach Risky Reply

    (1) 300# C&J 🙁
    *need to focus more on my technique, my strength is there. I should be power cleaning 320# according to Coaches eye!

    (2) HBBS… 6@355#, 6@405#, 3@455#, 2@480#

    (3) METCON… 14:17rx
    * MU were awesome did every set UB except the last I did 2 and then couldn’t get the very last rep! Lol. Rest breaks were TOO LONG in transition from MU to SC thrusters and in between each thruster.

    (4) 3×8 BB Row… 135#, 185#, 225#
    L-sit Holds… 3x20sec

  12. Almen Reply

    Finished at the buzzer- 8:00 #125

  13. Josh.O Reply

    Did the max pullups a couple days after this workout- 43 pullups

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