11.6.12 "Black n Yellow"

November 05, 2012

Remember John…..Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body!!!

Low Bar Back Squat
Get Really Heavy by the 3rd set of 5 and add weight each set

Black n Yellow
5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (225,155)
10 Burpees

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  1. TRex Reply

    Oh yeah… Low Bar worked up to #235 w/ Wade. Mantis wouldn’t let us go past her on the weight – great job!

    “Black ‘n Yellow” – 11:12 RX.

  2. RoYourBoat Reply

    Bummed I missed today’s WOD. Was up late studying.

  3. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Worked up to 245 on back squat
    Brian 6:37 Rx
    Andy 7:17 Rx
    Tim 7:40 Rx
    Bob 10:52 145lb

  4. pkila Reply

    worked up to 295# on the back squat

    black and yellow- 5:58 rx

  5. Wade Reply

    Nice work today Mantis and Jeff!! Worked up to a new PR on LB Squat with #235. Black n Yellow – 9:02 Rx

  6. mantis Reply

    I love my 5:30 warriors. Seriously you guys are the reason I get up every morning and go workout. Its just so awesome. Lots of of the cuff humor today hahh.
    Lbbs 265# not my pr but still good.
    “Black and yellow” 6:03rx. Maybe I can learn to stop being such a baby and realize that my lungs will continue to work if I just keep going and don’t rest.

  7. soniablade Reply

    up to 185 BS
    Black & Yellow: 7:09 Rx
    Hammies were on fire from the LB BS!!!

  8. pkila Reply

    Worked up to 295 back squat

    Black n Yellow- 5:58 rx

  9. CC Engine Reply

    Great job everybody, Wow!!!
    125 # BS 🙂 Good for me! Think is PR.
    B&Y – 8:14 with 115#. 🙂 🙂 I’ll take it!
    Great 630 p class!

  10. CC Engine Reply

    **Thanks ‘Nator!! 😉

  11. Cat Reply

    175# for LBBS
    Black n Yellow: 7:59 135#.
    Always a blast in the 6:30pm class!

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