11.7.12 Tabata 4Some

November 06, 2012

Will Martinez is Legit!!!

Tabata 4Some
8 Rounds of each Movement
Row for Calories

Your Score is your Lowest Reps/Round of each movement.

Roll Hips and Glutes
2Min Pigeon each side

1)Bench Press 5×3 Heavy
2)Tabata 4Some

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  1. TRex Reply

    Hope I can make tomorrow… Still working. I NEED this workout. Tough day.

  2. Adam Reply

    Row: 4 cal
    Push ups: 6
    Situps: 9
    Air squats: 12
    Total: 31

    This was a fun WOD. I totally over did it on the pushups on the first few sets. Beginning round 4, the total kept going down. I barely hung on for 6.

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Happy Nor’ Easter – “Storm Athena” day (& part of tomorrow)!! 🙁
    Yeah, they actually named it.
    Wishing everyone a safe couple of days!!!
    Feel bad for peeps in NJ & NY still homeless and/or without power!!!
    Let’s hope it won’t be too bad for them. Us guys are used to these damn Nor’ Easters! But they can still bring a bit of damage from wind & rain (& some peeps are getting snow!)
    Yeah Jen (Bacon), I know – you are dying for snow!! Lol

  4. Mark Reply

    Row: 6
    Pushups 4:
    Situps: 10
    Squats: 15

    Pushups sucked. Great workout though….

  5. TRex Reply

    This may be my warm up in the morning. I think I can get you Mark!

  6. Mark Reply

    May the shwartz be with you……

  7. willhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats, Row
    Andy- 10-10-15-7
    Tim- 6-11-11-8
    Bob- 10-9-11-6

  8. Stacey Reply

    forget what i got with each but i remember adding it to 31. good workout.

  9. Andrea :) Reply

    Row 4
    Push-ups 4
    Sit-ups 11
    Squats 14
    Total 33

    We did the row last and my transition was dreadful. I wasn’t strapped in for the first round and only got 4. The rest of the rounds I was stopping at 12 seconds because I had already hit 4. That will teach me to be faster!

  10. Cat Reply

    Row: 5
    Push ups: 5
    Sit-ups: 10
    Squats: 16
    Total: 36
    Fun workout with a fun group of people tonight! Loved the warm up and stretching too. Hurt so good.

  11. Sweat beast Reply

    Did the squat str yesterday with Corrin then we did the competiors blog wod

    2 rounds of each couplet

    3 225 cleans
    10 hspu

    6 185 cleans
    20 rings dips

    12 135 cleans
    30 hrpu


  12. mantis Reply

    7,8,10,15 – 40
    Sick workout

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