11.7.13 "Strong Man 7's"

November 06, 2013




Stone To Shoulder
work up to Heaviest for one rep
(drop on Mats)

Strong Man 7
Teams of 3
7 Rounds
7 Stone Shoulder + 2 Squats Complex (moderate)
7 KB Turkish Get Ups (Heavy)
7 Wall Walks

20Min Cap

one athlete starts at each station. once all athletes have completed their station then everyone rotates. A stone shoulder squat complex is a stone to shoulder followed by a squat with the ball on your shoulder. Each rep starts on the floor and includes one lift and two squats. A Heavy KB can be substituted for the stone, pick it up to the shoulder and squat with KB resting on shoulder.

Not the best form but you get the idea…

Active Recovery/Rest



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  1. Mr. Rx Reply

    Haha! 7 rounds…who comes up with this stuff.
    Let’s just say its AMRAP 20

  2. Mr. Rx Reply

    Score is total reps

  3. JosephSantos Reply

    Mr. Rx that is what I thought last night when I read it I was like maybe I will make this a rest day.

  4. Mr. Rx Reply

    JosephSantos Mr. Rx 3 rounds is tough! but its fun!!!

  5. RlmenA Reply

    Almen/Randy- 103 #35KB #116 Stone

  6. scotty to hotty Reply

    3 rounds we used a 74# stone. new pr for me today during the skills. atlas stone pr 142# . sorry im bad with names and cant remember there names. my apologies.

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