11.8.12 "1RM Snatch"

November 07, 2012

Gotta get me some of that NATOR-ade!!!

20min to Establish a
1RM Snatch

1 Mile Run for Time

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  1. T-Rex Reply

    Looks like sweet Spot for snow tomorrow!

  2. Caroline C. Reply

    Good stuff! PR on the snatch @ 65#

    I elected to run the mile on a treadmill with 10# weight vest. A good challenge!

  3. CC Engine Reply

    55# x3 Max. Had to work for that! Happy I finally got it.
    2K – Row – 9:30. (1st 1K – 4:40).
    Not a bad WOD on the end of a Nor’easter nite!
    Thanx Coach ‘Nator – luv ya baby!
    (& Thanx Elaine for chauffering Blade and me around for “Jax’s” sake, cause CC forgot about car keys, Lol)
    Goodnite CFB Family!!! 🙂

  4. T-Rex Reply

    115# max snatch PR. Personal coaching time w/ Bruce and Sara! Thanks Bruce for a great session! New PR 10 pull ups and more practice sets after. End of September I could only do 2 w/ no extra sets after.

  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Great nite of snatching everybody!!
    PR’s and confidence all around. Thx to
    Coach Sonia and Elaine for your cues
    and of words of wisdom. Nite CFB,
    until tomm

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