11.9.12 "Christine"

November 08, 2012

Dave Trip!

We are starting the Lurong Challenge Performance WODs. You will have till next Saturday to get all your scores in for the 3 Performance WODs.

3 Rounds
500m Row
12 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
21 Games Box Jumps

–we did games style box jumps the first time and we are sticking to it.
–you will use your new current weight for the Deadlifts.

– Post scores to comments



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  1. currin Reply

    “Christine” – 10:22 compared to 10:48 on 9/19.

    Happy with the improvement… Great 5:30 today, everyone was crushing it!!

    Hope to see a ton of PR’s today…

  2. Adam Reply


    I swear that scale is off. My home scale showed 185# an hour later. 😉

    Another WOD that looks easier on paper. Very fun!

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Good luck everyone with my namesake: that Bitch Christine! Lol 😉

  4. Stacey Reply

    16:06… i can’t find my last time though! I did the same weight both times, not on the lurong challenge. 135# DL. Hate DL’s

  5. Caroline C. Reply

    15:31 Rx

    Weirdly my first Christine time. Pretty good workout! I still prefer Helen 😀

  6. Cat Reply

    Had fun doing this with Tricia, Mary and the guys!
    11:31 Scaled compared to 12:21 first time. Was supposed to do 80#, but did 90# by accident because Trish fooled me with a 30# bar. 🙂

  7. Tricia Reply

    Not my favorite but a great workout with the team! 11:44 scaled, beat my 12:09 from the first time. That’s what it’s all about….

  8. Sweat Beast Reply

    12:09 Rx roughly a 3 minute improvement

    Then I did liquid Cocaine with the Nator

    I believe it was 8:56 Rx Chest to bars slowed me down. Need to work on butterflying them.

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