12.11.13 "Ropes, Dips and Snatches!"

December 10, 2013
Steph Whalen!!!

Steph Whalen!!!

Kelly Kelleher!!!

Kelly Kelleher!!!


Warm up:
10 Mins of:
Rope Climb and Kipping Ring Dip Practice

10 Mins to Establish a 1RM Power Snatch

Ropes, Dips and Snatches!
5 Rounds
2 Rope Climb – sub is 2 Wall Climbs
7 Ring Dips
9 Power Snatches (115,75)

15 Min Cap


Banded Bench Press 7×3 across – FAST- Moderate weight
rest only :60seconds

5 Rounds
2 Rope Climbs
7 Ring Dips
9 Power Snatches (135,95)

This should be the same Goat WOD every week

1. Bench Press 3RM
2. 3RM Turkish Get UP
3. LAX ball Glutes and Piriformis



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  1. Hermie Reply

    Are you sure it’s 5 rounds? Is it negotiable?

    • Mr. Rx Reply

      no Hermie…5 rounds was perfect!!!

  2. Josh.O Reply

    1rm Power snatch 155#

    Metcon: 14:08 RX (135#)

  3. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team rac
    Brian 11:55 rx, 1 round 135lb clean and jerk
    Andy 11:52 rx
    Paul 11:55@95
    Brian l 14:57 rx
    Joe 14:10 rx
    Tim 13:35@135 lb clean and jerk

  4. CC Engine Reply

    13:34 (wall walks, 2 thin gray bands, 45# PS)
    Power Snatch 1RM fail at 60! Also was doin Squat snatch at 1st! Duh!
    Great 430 P at CFD!! 🙂

    • CC Engine Reply

      With Coach Big Sexy & Great Big Crew!!! 🙂

  5. scott henriques Reply

    power snatch- worked up to 105# / failed on first attempt
    2nd attempt was successful
    have to really work getting under the bar and bending knees

    wod- got through rounds very poorly today 14:42
    1 rope climb in first round had to sub to ww
    ring dips felt good/ 85# snatches

    not happy with today

  6. DC Reply

    Banded bench press- banded w/ 35# kettle bells 65# @ 3×7. WOD- 22:35 Rx (let’s just say rope climbs= Goat

    • DC Reply

      Speaking of Goats! Goat WOD- AMRAP 15- 3 snatch balances @ 65#, 3x hips to rings, 25 double unders (all d.u. Unbroken:-)) 6+5

      • Mr. Rx Reply

        nice job DC!!!

  7. Don E Reply

    1RM PS @ 120#
    WOD = 14:25 (Rope, Purp Band, 105#)
    This kicked me butt badly

  8. jj Reply

    1RM power snatch- 110#…. same as my squat snatch.. something’s wrong lol

    Metcon: 3+16 (95#)

    • Mr. Rx Reply

      great job doing the wod with 15#’s less than your 1rm. The squat snatch will come. watch this video 100 times for homework…lol


  9. Tyler white Reply

    MetCon~ 4 Rounds~
    2 Rope Climbs
    7 Ring Dips
    9 Power Snatches (135)…………….Only got to the 4th round

    1RM power snatch #175
    Bench press # 135 for 10 #185 for 10 #225 for 5
    2k row for time ,first 500 for time (1:31) total time for 2k (7:47)
    200 sit-ups #50 #50#25#25#25#25

    “GOAT WOD”
    Muscle ups -2
    GHD -10
    Double unders -15………………..Rounds 6

  10. Mr. Rx Reply

    Bench Press – 7×3 with skinny bands and 155#

    12:02 (135#, 10# vest)

    No time for goat Today

  11. The Lion Reply

    Power Snatch up to 145# and 14:29 for the WOD (legless rope climbs and 115#)

  12. KellyG. Reply

    Wod – 15:00 got the last snatch up exactly at the 15:00 mark ! Cutting it close today! :/ (65#, skinny red band for ring dip, rope climbs) def need to work on the snatch.

  13. Adam Reply

    Power Snatch: 175(2) PR

    WOD: ~16:30 (had 2 pwr snatch left when clock stopped at 16:00)

    Not quite RX, but happy with progress. Rope climbs were easier after Coach Kyle’s tips/only used band on last 4 ring dips/115# power snatch.

    Walking into the cold air after this, hit the lungs like a case of ‘Fran’!

  14. big joe Reply

    3rm bench press 265#. 1 RM for Power Snatch 175# can’t get under the bar quick enough like Adam ran out of time. 13:45 with wall walks/thin red band dips/135# for the power snatches felt good after the 1RM work.

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