12.19.13 "Goat WOD"

December 18, 2013


Goat WOD

Each WOD today will be AMRAP 15 Mins
You will pick 2 Goat Movements Plus one Aerobic movement (250row, 200 run, 20DU, 20 Air squats)
5 Overhead Squats (light) add weight each week
5-10 Toe 2 bars
20 Double Unders or Attempts

3-5 Hand Stand push ups (add reps each week)
3-5 Pullups (add reps each week)
200m Run


4x800m Run

rest 3 minutes exactly
This and all endurance extra credit work should be performed at 110%


Active Recovery or Rest



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  1. Willhuntforfood Reply

    team rac

  2. Willhuntforfood Reply

    tram rac
    12 days of Christmas
    1 hspu
    2 ring dip
    3 box jump
    4 sdhp 95
    5 toes 2 bar
    6 burpee
    7 push-up
    8 wall ball 20 lb
    9 KGB swing 53lb
    10 dead lift 135lb
    11 pull-ups
    12 front squat 95 lb
    Pete 25:28
    Brian 26:00 135 front squat
    Tim 32:14
    Paul 32:42
    Brian l 35:01

  3. Don E Reply

    10x OHS 45# (working on mechanics)
    10x DU (Linked some)
    2x MU ( 10% Success Rate)
    Didnt eat or drink nearly enough today and it showed up in the MU Fails.

    4x800m Run – Done

  4. Almen Reply

    Squat Snatches for dayyyys!

  5. Fallynne Reply

    AMRAP 15 : 3 rounds + 250 row + 9
    250m legless row
    5 pull ups (white band)
    10 ring dips (white band)
    20 abe mat sit ups

  6. Nate B Reply

    Pull-ups, rope climbs, double-unders.

    Was focused more on form and not on speed. Am back down to just the blue band on the pull-ups, and feel like I’m getting the motion of kipping. Managed quite a few multiple-double-unders, which was great. I also made it about 2/3 up the rope before my calves started to shake and I made myself clinb back down.

    Massive improvement on the GOAT! Pretty soon it’ll be a sheep. They go to Heaven. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzKUzRJUzQ0 😉

  7. NikNasty Reply

    5 Pull Ups Strict Blue band
    7 Push Ups with one ab mat
    20 Double Under Attempts

    6 Rounds
    Lost an ab mat this week and improved by 25 reps!

  8. Danielle D. Reply

    Goat WOD – “Fran Remix”
    5 Pullups
    5 Thursters
    250m Row

    5rds + 10
    (Full round better than last week, woop woop)

  9. KellyG. Reply

    Goat- 7 toes 2 bar, 5 thrusters 65#, 250 row- 6 rounds +12

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