12.2.13 "You Drop You Lose"

December 01, 2013

CFD vs CFB Internal Team Throwdown Saturday December 7th at 8am @CFDartmouth
Its not too late to sign up and compete in your first Competition.
Everyone must Register Here: https://dartmouth-crossfit.theboxhq.com/events/cfd-vs-cfb-internal-throwdown

We need more RX Women and men for the throwdown, the weights are not too heavy and there are no pullups, until the Final WOD(top 3 teams). If you are looking for a partner, please post to the comments today, or in the CrossFitters Facebook group and we will find you a partner.

Here are the WODS for the Throwdown:
25 Deadlifts (225)
25 Deadlifts (135)
25 Clean and Jerks (135)
25 Clean and Jerks (95)
25 Snatches (95)
25 Snatches (65)
400m Partner Barbell Run (65)
–You will have only one barbell. Only one athlete will work at a time. Male athlete will start with the 225# deadlifts, once he completes 25 reps then you will both strip the weight to 135# for the female deadlifts, once she completes all 25 reps then the male will start the 25 Clean and jerks, you will continue to strip the weight down after each movement is completed, Once the Female Completes the 25 snatches then both athletes will pick up the bar and run 400m carrying the barbell anyhow. You may both carry it or one partner may carry it, both athletes and the barbell must travel the entire 400 meters.

“What does the BOX say?!”
20 Burpees
30 OH Plate Front Lunges (45,25)
40 KB Swings (53,35)
50 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
Tag Partner
50 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
40 KB Swings (53,35)
30 OH Plate Front Lunges (45,25)
20 Burpees
Both athletes must stand on the box to finish
–One athlete starts on the burpees and completes the entire chipper up to the box jumps, once he/she has completed the 50 box jumps then you will tag your partner in and they will start on the box jumps and work their way back down through the chipper and finish on the burpees. Then both athletes must stand and finish on the box.

Deadlifts (135,95)
Clean n Jerk (95,65)
Snatch (65,45)
Run (45)

Plate Lunge (25,15)
KB (35,25)
Box Jump/step up (20,16))

Jen getting strong!

Jen getting strong!

Bobby the "Baron"

Bobby the “Baron”


(everything is subject to change:-))

3 Rep Max Push Press
15 Mins

“You Drop You Lose”
4 Rounds
15 Unbroken Push Press (95,65)
15 Deadlifts (95,65)
45 Double Unders
–if you drop the Push Press you must do 5 Burpees before starting back up

15min Cap


Strength-Superset A+B
A) Flat Footed Clean High Pulls 4×5 across (heavy) but pulls should be getting up to the chest
rest 1Min
B) 3 Split Jerks + 3 OH Split Squats 4 sets across (heavy) but pretty
rest 1Min

“You Drop You Lose”
4 Rounds
15 Unbroken Push Press (115,75)
15 Deadlifts (115,75)
45 Double Unders
–if you drop the Push Press you must do 5 Burpees before starting back up

15 Min Cap


EMOTM 10Mins
150m Row

1. 3×15 Land Mine Twists
2. 3×15 Side Plank Crunch



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  1. Danielle Reply

    I’ll be home from Thailand in time for the CFB v. CFD Throwdown! If anyone is looking for a partner in the scaled division let me know!!
    – Danielle

  2. Big Sexy Reply

    drop It – 10:53 (115#)

  3. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team rac
    Tim 12:43 Rx
    Brian 12:53 Rx
    Andy 10:35 3x singles
    Paul 11:28 x singles
    Boob 11:40 75 lb x singles

  4. big joe Reply

    9:07 at (115#) can’t put DU together like that still. Started each round with 10 then doubled the balance.

  5. Don E Reply

    13:35 @ 95# (25 Burpees/90 singles)

  6. Matty Ice Reply

    9:26 @ 115///// Push Press 3x @ #225

  7. Josh.O Reply

    Shoulder to overhead is definitely a big weakness of mine

    Strength- jerk complex- 165# failed the 3rd rep of sets 2 and 3
    clean high pulls 135#

    Metcon– 14:39 RX not unbroken push presses (Dropped it twice and did about 10 burpees)

    Endurance- rowed about 30-35 secs each 150m row

    • Josh.O Reply

      by RX i mean 115#

  8. Mr. Rx Reply

    drop/lose 7:07 (115)(0 burpees)

    Jerk 185 x3/3×4
    CLean high pull 155 x5x4


  9. scott henriques Reply

    drop and you lose- 9:40 1 set of burpees in 4th round
    95# push press/deadlifts- singles
    finished with both recoverys

  10. Reale Deal Reply

    Push Press 3 x 95, 2 x 105
    Drop You Lose 14:27 Rx (65#)
    Worked on clean & jerks after the WOD since the 95# scares me for the throwdown. Big thanks to coaches Kyle and Risky for your help!

  11. John Edward Norris Reply

    PP 155 x 3
    DYL 9:31, single unders (working on it!)
    Extra credit EMOTM 150m Row 10 min.
    good day all around!

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